centipede in a sentence

Example sentences for centipede

The cars come, a psychedelic centipede roaring through a corner and accelerating down a straightaway.
Everyone is waiting for the next shoe to drop on this centipede.
The centipede is an invertebrate, or an animal without a spine.
It is clearly the fossil of a prehistoric centipede.
Another corpulent cretinous centipede who either does not understand how science is done or willfully neglects it.
Centipede species with longer legs are familiar around homes and in leaf litter.

Famous quotes containing the word centipede

Now what sort of man or woman or monster would stroke a centipede I have ever seen? "And here is my good bi... more
They made on me the impression, not of many individuals, but of one vast centipede of a man, good for all s... more
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