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On the top side of the table, lightly draw lines centered above all crosspieces.
They come back more well-centered, calm, able to focus on projects and work.
It's the dome itself, creaking as it rotates to keep its opening centered above the slowly moving telescope inside.
Most of the concern has centered on honeybees and the problem now known as colony collapse.
In their self centered beliefs, this was for their own good.
For too long, the measurement of scientific contribution has centered on the publication.
The activities soon centered on the sets that were built and great times were had by all.
Since then debate has centered on whether it truly exists and, if it does, how it works.
Despite the popular emphasis on positive thinking, academic psychology was for many decades centered on the negative.
Unfortunately, many things in life are centered on trying to make everything more efficient.
Drug use of any kind eventually becomes isolative and self centered.
Meditation puts the body and mind system in a state of deep rest resulting in a calm and centered mind and healthy body.
If the beam is centered directly between the cells, equal amounts of light will shine on each of them.
Much of the discussion centered on the difference between risk and uncertainty.
The same principle applies to self-centered, socially weird scientists.
Most of his investigations centered on insurance claims about whether wind or storm surge caused property damage.
We are centered on the need for exploration and science discovery and neglecting the need for habitation into the solar system.
It plays the triggering role in fortifying the externalized world centered on the self-figure.
For me the guided meditation has helped a lot in making me feel calm, peaceful and centered.
Our generation was too self-centered to bother with having children.
We need major reforms to have a peaceful and effective resolution to problems centered around depleting fresh water resources.
Of course the damage of a such a quake is highly dependent on where it is centered.
Design and art are centered on the creative side of the human brain that can not be replaced by a robot.
Not such a silly idea as long as it is centered on safety.
Creating an integrated workspace that is centered around the user's needs and informed by the capabilities of the device in use.
Best thing will be to step aside and let the uneducated, self centered, elite hating morons take the country down.
Must be a team-player and be able to function effectively in a team work-centered office.
Sophisticated study abroad is people-centered and socially responsible.
We seek innovative scholars and educators who value student-centered, interdisciplinary, community-based learning.
The discussions centered on trade and peace negotiations.
Much of the debate is centered on how to balance the need to protect human life and property while preserving biodiversity.
Early speculation centered on sudden catastrophe, perhaps volcanism or an earthquake or a deadly hurricane.
These more speculative ideas centered on the environmental conditions of life on an open savanna.
The protections and rights must be centered on the individual, not the job, and must move with the individual from gig to gig.
The debate has pretty much accepted this as a given and has instead centered around what effect, if any, these tools had.
When a cab drove into the station, technicians secured and centered it with hydraulic shoes.
Bess was the beautiful little mare he rode and immediately interest was centered on the horse whom her owner said drank champagne.
Until recently, the promise of stem-cell therapy has centered on stem cells' ability to morph into virtually any kind of cells.
Need for user-centered design and focus on usability.
When a new technology is discovered, it's centered around other technologies and discoveries too.
Cancer victimhood contains a permanent temptation to be self-centered and even solipsistic.
As someone mentioned above, there's a sizable image artifact there, which seems to be centered on the brightest part of the flare.
To be clear, my biggest concerns are not centered on the hydraulic fracturing fluid per se.
The halo around the bright inner region is actually huge expanding shell of material centered on the nebula's central star.
To achieve a centered yolk, one must rotate the egg while cooking it.
Much of it is because our society has turned individualist into self-centered.
It appears centered on the cluster, and the size is about right.
From the get-go she has received body-centered therapies.
It is incredibly self-centered to expect researchers to drop their own research and look at yours instead.
Plus, the odds are low that the quake would be centered right here.
All of their manufacturing tech was centered around petroleum.
No sport is as centered around statistics as baseball, yet many people have compared it to opera.
Rather, the discussion centered on the restrictions that are placed on you after you have purchased it.
With that last, centered quadrangle, the water vanishes into nothingness.
The efforts are centered on rebuilding the once-magnificent city walls.
The question is whether such a personal moral axis can distort the truth as much as a more culturally centered perspective.
Much of his early work centered on atomic energy, and he opposed both nuclear and coal-fired plants.
The conversation all through the afternoon centered upon the problems of living in a run-down neighborhood.
The elevator opens onto a stone-tile foyer centered on a bubbling koi pond.

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