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It sounds too good to be true: you can go solar without paying a cent.
In our net pens, the fish only take up three per cent of the pen volume.
Before you spent a single cent on a project, you should simulate its chance of success.
If his scheme fails, the public purse has lost hardly a cent.
Half cent a kwh nuclear fusion will be perfected long before.
Now you can find out what the fuss is about without spending a cent.
The probability of that happening without manipulation is one-tenth of one per cent.
All those billions go straight to the tax base and stay there, long before the drillers have a chance to make a cent.
It is that last five per cent that includes their conclusions that has absolutely no evidence.
They will never spend a cent for family planning, they want hoards of unwanted children for exploitation.
The museum pays nothing-not a cent, not a euro-for this art trove.
Murphy bought a few ten-cent cans of wood alcohol at a nearby paint shop and carried them back in a brown paper bag.
With countless cultural attractions and a large city parks system, there is plenty to do that won't cost you a cent.
The eclectic jewelry, fabrics, and furniture make it worth every cent.
But, in any case, these do not reduce academic expenditures by one cent.
Of the patients thirty-three per cent claimed instantaneous healing, fifty per cent.
When interest was at ten per cent, land was commonly sold for ten and twelve years purchase.
Five dollars, sixty-six and two-thirds per cent advance, induced the owner to part with the mustang.
Probably five per cent of it does, but as a whole it has no accent, since it is a composite of all in one.
Tenements in the block may only cover seventy-eight per cent of the lot.
If it costs two dollars or more than two dollars, you give thirty or thirty-five cents, and ten per cent on a bigger amount.
It's worth a million dollars and it doesn't cost a cent.
In process of roasting the seeds increase in size, but lose fifteen per cent in weight.
Goose meat is thoroughly infiltrated with fat, containing sometimes forty to forty-five per cent.
For the decision would leave it practically without a cent.
In ten years' time, the price will be down to one cent.
Then they presented the subjects with images on a computer screen of either a one-euro coin or a one-cent coin.
Of course he won't earn a cent until he is thirty, but that doesn't matter.
Therefore you cannot rationally be committed to fighting the deficit, and also committed to preserving every cent of the tax cuts.
Eight per cent are awarded in education, five per cent in the health professions.
Last week you scored sixty-one per cent, on average, on the quiz.
But only a two-per-cent increase in trans fats will increase her heart-disease risk by ninety-three per cent.
The company still gets eighty per cent of its profits from subscribers.
Abolish the graduated income tax and replace it with a flat tax of nine per cent.
McAllen, with its high poverty rate, has an incidence of heavy drinking sixty per cent higher than the national average.
Converse claimed that only around ten per cent of the public has what can be called, even generously, a political belief system.
It takes less than two per cent of our genome to create all the proteins necessary for us to live.
One year into his second term, his ratings have sunk for the first time below fifty per cent, despite a modestly booming economy.
Another ten per cent experience considerable frustration.
The proposal is to increase that by another ten per cent.
In contrast, it costs less than a cent per gigabyte to store information on magnetic tape.
What's more, the price for the compound is right: each dose used in the experiment cost about one cent.
If they said the left side, they received half a cent but if they said the right side, they got fifty cents instead.
And someday those billionaires are going to die, and they are not going to be able to carry a cent with them.
We know the five-cent coin as a nickel, but it wasn't always so.

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