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In one dream, he limped up the gravel road from our family cemetery and tapped on my bedroom window.
The smell of formaldehyde seeps out into the nearby hospital and cemetery.
The architecture of the newfound cemetery may be unique among the tombs found so far at the oasis, officials said.
His name and photo reside on a cold piece of granite in a cemetery.
Families trek to the cemetery to remember dead loved ones.
Changes include allowing a village to keep its cemetery.
There's a pioneer cemetery on the edge of town, where its first residents are buried.
Exit through the sacristy and stroll through the cemetery chapel.
Three days later, it was installed in a military cemetery in the suburbs.
He once took a shot of a cemetery in the background, a one-way sign in the foreground.
It was a cloudy morning, intermittently drizzling, and the overcast sunlight provides all of the ambient light in the cemetery.
After, being embalmed at the morgue, he was buried in the local cemetery.
On the road to the main cemetery, rain-soaked policemen flail their batons at delivery trucks co-opted as hearses.
And to overcome her nerves, he made her sleep all night in a cemetery.
Instead, little white markers cut out of polythene bags are still planted along the narrow rubble lane to the cemetery.
He's wandering through a cemetery, wearing a shabby blazer, with the air of a distracted groundskeeper.
He spotted the bird, its dainty body dramatically offset by a sharply bifurcated tail, perched on a wire above a cemetery.
And then the familiar heartsickness, as if she were suddenly clomping not through the woods but through an endless cemetery.
These cemetery visits might be prompted by genuine sentiment, but they have also become obligatory.
If you haven't walked into a cemetery in ten or fifteen years, you might be shocked.
We wandered down to a dock, which had a view of one of the last remnants of the old town-a cemetery.
The excavation of a cemetery more than a thousand years old has uncovered tombs of powerful warriors adorned in gold.
In the past, the town charged a fee to bury loved ones in the crowded cemetery.
The cemetery was once the site of the town's first fort, a meetinghouse and a church.
Long riddled with mystery and taboos, the cemetery is coming into its own as a stop on numerous tourism agendas.
The desert cemetery is scattered with pottery and human relics, including skulls and bones.
At each cemetery he spoke briefly about the sacrifices that had been made.
Cemetery staff blocked off the plot with metal barricades a few years ago.
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I am a cemetery abhorred by the moon.... more
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