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It usually grows and spreads more slowly than small cell lung cancer.
Thousands of these microscopic strands of genetic material are found in every living cell.
These are some of the hundreds of small cell phone makers that are eating up market share across the developing world.
He explained that she had a non-small cell lung cancer that had started in her left lung.
Computer screens weren't portable enough, and for many readers cell phones were too small.
Someone threw a brick through her living-room window and stole her cell phone, but she escaped out the back door.
Then you have to boot up the genome in a living cell to generate the hardware, the life-form itself.
Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of small cell lung cancer.
No mention was made of cell phones, cameras or handheld camcorders, but they're probably okay if they're small.
These minerals began to crystallize between the waterlogged wood's cell walls.
As the cell structure itself broke down, crystals formed in those spaces as well.
One doctor stood to ask about the etiquette of cell phone use in public.
It is possible that cell division may always take place by the indirect method.
It presents five surfaces, which enclose an air cell.
The horizontal cells lie in the outer part of the inner nuclear layer and possess somewhat flattened cell bodies.
In several portions of the specimen two or three generations of cells are seen enclosed in a parent cell wall.
The cell bodies of these preganglionic fibers are connected with fibers which descend from the mid-brain.
The nucleus is spherical and situated about the center of the cell.
Each cell contains a clear oval nucleus, situated near its center.
Her academic interests were varied, from ancient civilizations and romance languages to neuroscience and cell biology.
They don't tell students to turn the cell off, but to silence it.
If you're paranoid that they're tracking every word, borrow a friend's cell phone and don't give them your name when you ask.
The market obviously won't, witness the evolution of the cell phone.
The blood sample is sent to a laboratory, where the specialist checks the cell type and characteristics.
But all the genes to make a liver cell, or any other cell, are there in the cell.
But the best thing for her was her cell phone's unlimited nighttime long-distance calls.
Doctors say other uses are highly experimental and have expressed concern about expensive, untested stem cell treatments.
But that's mainly for when the fuel cell can't crank out enough electricity to meet demanding driving conditions.
Four stem-cell patients developed serious complications, compared to only one of the other patients, the study says.
Each cell consists of two electrodes separated by an electrolyte, often a polymer gel.
The result is something similar to an embryonic stem cell, from which it is already known that new, adult mice can be created.
In effect, the cell has been turned on its side and made much thicker.
Each time a cell divides, the telomeres of its chromosomes shorten.
Out of the end comes a new type of solar cell which promises to be both efficient and cheap.
Almost a third of these are embedded in the cell's outer membrane.
Another way to fly farther is to swap the batteries for hydrogen and use that in a fuel cell to produce electricity.
The hydrogen obtained from water can then be stored and used in, say, a fuel cell to produce power when the sun does not shine.
The relevant nerve cell is selected by specially designed software and is cut by the laser.
It is tantamount to a complete personality transplant for the infected cell.
He languished for five days in a cell isolated from other inmates, until his health failed.
It is also clear that lifting restrictions on embryonic-stem-cell research will be high on the agenda of the new administration.
Prison officials have made a show of securing his cell to prevent anyone getting to him.
Being a stem-cell researcher frequently involves plucking miniature human tissues from the cadavers of mice.
There are a few things more frustrating than losing your cell-phone to water damage.
Physics shows that cell phones cannot cause cancer.
But to work, these effector proteins need to first make their way inside of a cell.
Scientists are also studying whether islet-cell transplants would effectively treat diabetes.
The brain becomes a target in stem cell clinical trials.
But hydrogen used in internal combustion engines squanders its best potential, which is to power a fuel cell.
He was inspired by the way ions move across cell membranes and has worked to make similar structures that perform important tasks.
Glucose-sensing enzyme in the cells, glucokinase, is the key molecule that triggers the beta cell regeneration.
But they don't take advantage of all that solar heat, thereby missing out on the majority of the solar energy reaching the cell.
Cord-blood cell transplants are already becoming common as a therapy for diseases of the blood.
They can grow into any type of cell found in our body.
TV news channels, meanwhile, aired cell phone video footage within half an hour of the explosions.
Scientists have invented a plastic solar cell that can turn the sun's power into electrical energy, even on a cloudy day.
Each plasmodium burrows into a different liver cell.
Instead, he's solving global health issues-with a cell phone.
When the chemical latches on, both it and the protein get sucked into the cell.
Cancer is a disease that begins as a renegade human cell over which the body has lost control.
In order for the body and its organs to function properly, cell growth needs to be strictly regulated.
The researchers did the same with mouse whiskers, regenerating them from a single cell.
One is the insulin receptor, or tiny cell structure, that controls levels of blood sugar.
Holds a digital point-and-shoot, cell phone, and mp3 player.
One solution for such patients might be a stem cell bank.
The team also found that hormones controlled the rate of cell division in a mouse's developing digits.
As instructions come in over cell phones, bids are conveyed to the auctioneer through mysterious hand gestures.
Meanwhile, the doctors had gone to one of the top floors of a high-rise and called our cell phone.
The disruptors can either prevent or weaken the normal cell-signaling process.
Manufacturing large proteins is a challenge for any cell.
Scientists believe the secret to the clams' longevity is a slowed cell-replacement process.
It has many useful inner coat pockets, such as a cell phone holder and goggle holder.
Raspberries are rich in antioxidants, which defend against cell damage.
The incorporation of saturated fatty acids into the cell decreases cellular membrane fluidity.
Should a guard confiscate your headphones during a cell shakedown, seek the earliest opportunity to throw a cup of urine on him.
Which specific genes are activated in a particular cell depends, in part, on the cell's location in the embryo or the adult body.
He's an artist, after all, and thought he could come up with a better image than his initial cell-phone snapshot.
While she was inspecting the compartments in my billfold, her cell phone rang.
Once, a student called to tell me that he had acquired a cell phone.
At the same time, cell phone and computer users are also expanding the depth and reach of their online activity.
What works in one cell phone or laptop should work in another.
My husband refuses to have a cell phone, or an answering machine in his office, and he turns off his phone when he works.
He bent to put his statement on the bridge, then placed his cell phone on it.
He keeps a ninja baton and a can of pepper spray by his bed, and only seven people have his new cell-phone number.
He asked me for advice on what to wear, what kind of cell phone to bring, how to get into the city from the airport.
At one point, he was on his cell phone and he was having trouble with the reception and started walking away.
The cell will select and utilize only those nutrients needed.
One of the cardinal sins of every courtroom is to not turn off your cell phone.
No matter where he is, he's always wheeling and dealing, managing clients and barking into his ever-present cell phone.
Most cell-phone chargers continue to draw electricity even when the phone isn't plugged into it.
Other adults found themselves reunited with their confiscated cell phones at the after-party held downstairs at the hotel.
The atmosphere inside the cell blocks is increasingly tense, exacerbated by repressive tactics and mutual incomprehension.
When he came back, his cell phone and computer had been stolen.
Developing nations often have a lack of medical facilities but good cell phones.
Each time a cell divides, its chromosome tips are cut off, until finally it dies.
The hotter the contents of the cell, the less voltage required to initiate this reaction.
The thicker a solar cell, he explains, the more light it can capture.
They also use each brain cell more flexibly than mammals.
Stem cells can produce all of these types, but once a cell commit to a particular role, it's largely stuck there.
Different parts of her body could have come from different cell lines.
So you cannot, in theory, inject the genes into every muscle cell directly.
Staining is one of cell biology's oldest techniques.
In this case, water is broken down into oxygen and hydrogen, which can be stored and recombined to power a hydrogen fuel cell.
These caps at the ends of chromosomes protect your genes from being eroded each time a cell divides.
The genetic control system they devised spurs each cell to make a different amount of each of the three proteins.
Sure enough, the biopsy of her face revealed a basal cell carcinoma.
Each cell expresses a different color, allowing researchers to trace connections in the fish's neural network.
Stem-cell scientists aren't the only ones celebrating today.
Researchers are increasingly using cell phones to better understand users' behavior and social interactions.
As cell phones take on more and more features, wireless carriers are struggling to keep up with data demands.
But fewer photons will be absorbed, decreasing the efficiency of the cell.
One way to boost the performance of any solar cell is to increase the surface area available to incoming light.
Advances in solar cell efficiency have only recently made concentrated photovoltaic systems economical in some areas.
The first prototype cell to use photonic crystals looks promising.
Mobile networks race to bring television to cell phones.
Cell phone cameras are famous for taking grainy, low-resolution pictures.
Scientists are designing stem-cell-based therapies for degenerative retinal diseases.
With the conventional process, a millimeter of silicon can produce about three solar-cell wafers.
The technique can reduce the amount of other materials used and improve solar-cell performance.
Such fuel cells could replace batteries in laptops and cell phones, and could eventually be used to power electric vehicles.
But he recently discovered a hole in his personal security--his cell phone.
But if someone asks you if you want to review a watch that's also a cell phone, you say yes.
The scientific bulletin of the year may be the stem-cell breakthrough.
At one time, cloning of cellular phones accounted for a large portion of cell fraud.
The links below are provided as additional resources for fuel-cell-related information.
It's amazing to me that anyone with a functioning brain cell takes these ludicrously hypocritical buffoons seriously.
They are all unlocked and you can't buy them at any of the cell phone retailers is the only reason this is an article.

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