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Writer describes his experience of the perceptual phenomenon called celestial vaulting.
Although humanoid in form, he has two hearts and almost-celestial intelligence.
Owing to the vastness of space, one views celestial objects not as they are but as they were.
The planetary week is not a grand chronometer of celestial movements or a gauge of seasonal changes.
He was almost relieved to have reached this point where the celestial fingernails were poised to nip his thread.
The team worked for five months, repeating the process again and again as they slowly plotted the course of the celestial bodies.
These pictures show some of the celestial objects as they were before humans even existed.
The temples are adorned by spectacular giant carved heads and elegant basreliefs of buxom celestial dancers known as apsaras.
But it still escapes many politicians, who blindly uproot flowers, ignorant of the celestial commotion that may ensue.
Navigators on ships need to brush up on celestial navigation.
The heavens are alive with interesting events among our celestial neighbors, the planets.
The contest asked children nationwide to come up with an easy way to memorize this new celestial line-up.
Star-gazing tips that appear throughout the book help readers begin their own celestial observations.
It had to be palatable to many researchers and to address the plethora of celestial objects.
Because of limits on the speed of light, the farther away a celestial object is, the younger it must be.
Most celestial bodies, including all the asteroids in the asteroid belt and our own moon, do not have atmospheres.
But lately it seems that the strangest celestial bodies come in a medium size.
When it comes to sheer celestial bling, stars might not corner the market on twinkle.
They explain violent celestial phenomena that no other body can.
The universe is a mighty big place, but there is no shortage of amazement right here in our celestial neighborhood.
But the waves tend to be subtle, and only celestial heavyweights are expected to produce detectable effects.
It mattered little for his object, whether celestial or from what other region.
In this particular section of the show, there is a feeling of celestial serenity in both artists' work.
Between the gravitational basin of one celestial body and another lies a fuzzy, chaotic boundary.
There were nine such beasts in the celestial menagerie.
Now they can detect a wobble of a celestial body as slow as three meters per second, about the speed of a bicycle in motion.
But these newly discovered celestial objects are the right size for planets, and were observed moving around their parent stars.
As astronomers learned more about celestial objects, the specter of supernatural influence naturally began to fade.
Not seeing stars, having a ring-width to measure, one has to wonder how celestial navigation would have developed.
Granted, certain celestial bodies might harbor planetary systems, but that was not the topic of discussion.
If one goes off in our celestial backyard, they won't have any time to worry about dying because they'll already be dead.
Causes of rapid pole shift: any change in the gravity of other remote celestial bodies.
Plan to engage in a rapturous romp with a romantic partner under these benign celestial conditions.
Astronomers usually specialize in a branch of astronomy such as astrophysics, celestial mechanics, or radio astronomy.
But in some places, it's so frigid that light can't radiate in the visible spectrum, which makes celestial bodies invisible.
All eyes and a flotilla of spacecraft focus on the celestial celebrity.

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