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Her fame came from her longevity and from her celebrity friends.
Celebrity weeklies drove the positive results, continuing a trend that generally stood out from the rest of the industry.
We need to turn the the direction of society's interest from shallow celebrity worship, to a vigorous search for knowledge.
And the popularity of poker soared with televised events and celebrity tournaments.
The ancient sport draws crowds across the country, and bullfighters attain celebrity status.
What separated him from a run-of-the-mansion celebrity portraitist is his offhand intimacy and sly wit.
We're celebrating the best of western cooking with celebrity chefs and cooking demonstrations.
Instead of ransoming domain names, owners find other ways to make a buck from websites bearing celebrity monikers.
Only a small fraction of the population here are aware of his celebrity.
And it is definitely the only site that mixes celebrity headshots and hairy equations in a unique melding of physique and physics.
It was his studio, however, that made him a celebrity.
No matter how he made his claimed billions, a part of his fortune depends now on his celebrity.
The press couldn't get enough of the ursine celebrity.
Red vinyl booths and a checkered tile floor set the scene for after-hours celebrity shenanigans.
And now they watch celebrity chefs preparing gourmet meals, and compare their own efforts.
But of course when he embarked on this around-the-world journey, he became quite the celebrity.
But celebrity can be an even more powerful drug than cocaine.
Here's something else that suggests that the celebrity theorists and their pseudo-science border on the delusional.
And he has parlayed that online celebrity into a best-selling book and a successful speaking tour.
He never ceased to be amused by the celebrity status that the book subsequently gave him.
In a place that is known more for its celebrity than its authenticity, the cupcake is a standout.
Following politics is on par with following celebrity news.
Only a few years ago, so few people blogged that being a blogosphere celebrity required little more than showing up.
We didn't want this to be another project only open to celebrity photographers.
Though cocaine's price has fallen, it retains an aura of celebrity that helps sales.
Prom dresses, evening wear, daywear and accessories from celebrity designers and exclusive ranges.
It's because our nation is too obsessed with celebrity and athletes.
Another celebrity has suffered a breach of her medical privacy.
Yet, it was upon the earlier pieces that his celebrity as the inaugurator of a new age was founded.
His lies raise questions about his obligations, his college's, and the role of academic celebrity.
Instead, she focuses on the professor's looks, another indicator in our celebrity-obsessed world.
To reel in this celebrity interview takes five press kits, seven cover letters, three emails and extensive security clearances.
Hilarious celebrity voices keep you laughing all the way to your destination.
These trends have affected almost all publications except celebrity and fashion magazines.
Romance is heating up for some celebrity couples, while a few other famous relationships have cooled.
Pairing with a celebrity can have benefits for a company by helping it stand out in a cluttered marketplace.
The reader learns how much a doorman makes in tips and how outrageous the requests made by celebrity guests and royalty can be.
Because they have been caught up in the celebrity industry.
Before the age of celebrity chefs, there were chef-celebrities.
Mike's does not serve fancy-pants, celebrity-chef chili.
The event, which began modestly, gradually turned into a celebrity bash.
Publishers may be spending millions on celebrity book deals right now, but the trend cannot last forever.
Then she became a celebrity, so all of the wannabes started following her in that uncomfortable and unhealthy trend.
Angelo was then freed and became a national celebrity.
He would go around, in a state of disbelief, telling everyone that she was merely a celebrity.
By then he was well known to college kids worldwide, but few could have foreseen the celebrity he has attained since.
Once a suicide bomber has completed his mission he at once becomes a phantom celebrity.
But in the end, her celebrity may have helped seal his fate.
He's a biomedical researcher and a furry celebrity of sorts.
In two decades of celebrity, she has never discussed it in public.
The charity's annual review pairs celebrity claims with reality-based quotes from doctors and scientists.
As one blond celebrity heiress and embodiment of emptiness might say, nothing is hot.
We need look no further than the latest in celebrity bad behavior for an example.
He was a brilliant scientist, yes, but also a thoughtful philosopher and a master of his own celebrity.
No wonder backyard observers across the country began struggling to find the dim celebrity.
Also, it would point out that being a celebrity does not make one an expert.
Well you made the bird a celebrity, he was going to do what every good celebrity does.
It really amazes me how much influence these celebrity types can have over the gullible general public.
The rise of commercial entertainment of celebrity worship, of trivial fiction, has debauched our society.
Handing out of celebrity gift bags and goodie bags has become increasingly commonplace.
Celebrity's negligence or non-negligence, however, has no bearing on its right to indemnification.
Moreover, subsequent revelations of celebrity misdeeds can damage the impact of ad campaigns.
The recipient's financial or celebrity status or race does not figure in.

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