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It's a natural fit for practically any get-together-from a simple family birthday celebration to an elaborate dinner party.
The department is strongly committed to the celebration of diversity and student development.
There are plenty of reasons for the mood of celebration.
Visits to friends and family take place during this celebration.
Anyway, it seems to me that this event was some strange artistic celebration of the unknown.
The movement of this celebration was part of a larger group of emancipation days across the south.
It promises a carnal celebration but delivers something less.
Whether that's cause for celebration or concern depends on whom you ask.
But on sober appraisal, there is less cause for celebration.
In any event, no children were harmed in the celebration of this holiday.
But they would do well to cut the celebration short and begin.
Have students create a cultural celebration quilt or banner.
It's time again for this week's celebration of self-evident but nonetheless necessary scientific foot soldiery.
Much remains to be done before the real celebration begins.
Greg will be relaying all the glitz, glamour and barking going on during the celebration.
In celebration of these chitin-made wonders, we've collected images to take you on a tour of the insect wing world.
It is a celebration of mutual goals and aspirations that has worked well.
But a word of warning: promotion to a higher league is not always cause for celebration.
Over the years, the island city has tried to enforce various restrictions on the annual celebration.
Never mind that the celebration will exist only digitally.
It's not clear to me what, in practice, this celebration is going to mean.
Make our platter the center of your next celebration.
But amid all the celebration it is worth asking a prosaic question.
Again, the celebration of people not fit to breed, breeding anyway.
The defense at our grad school was a celebration in any case of a successful doctoral program of research and writing.
Four generations share a traditional rustic menu at their annual celebration more.
Think of this as a musical celebration rather than a contest.
On the other hand, it doesn't add much to my personal celebration.
The manufacturers have some cause to sound their horns in celebration.
Win or lose, there's always a celebration afterward.
Ask me about uniform infractions and celebration penalties.
It's a global celebration of the ocean and its creatures.
Though the newfound fossil is significant, the discovery of almost any lamprey fossil is cause for celebration.
Comic-Con is a fanciful celebration of all things ink and spandex.
You're overwhelmed at this point, so you can postpone the celebration until you settle in.
Now fewer than three percent of babies worldwide die within the first five weeks of life, which is surely cause for celebration.
Any such celebration will be dim and lightly attended.
On a personal level, it is an enormous relief and a time for celebration.
Her celebration of the public realm was matched by a mistrust of the private realm.
But that, by itself, is hardly cause for celebration.
The show went on, and the wrenching absence of its honoree made it all the more fervent a celebration.
The sounds of celebration, however, have been decidedly muted.
The festival is a three-day-long celebration that combines sumptuous feasts as well as rigid fasting.
Knowingness is a celebration of the conceit that what the squares knew, or thought they knew, was worthless.
The shift is cause for celebration, but it's not exactly an all-clear either.
She found some comfort in taking last week's celebration out of the house, some quiet reverie he could not find for himself.
But, in hockey terms, the celebration had an empty net.
Follow it all from pre-game, to kickoff, to halftime show to the victory celebration.
The government has periodically handed out the honour since, often in conjunction with a royal celebration.
Some regard this as a cause for celebration, on the ground that there are obviously too many people on the planet.
Yet the recession has also accelerated trends that could make for a bigger celebration later.
The publication of the six volumes is cause for celebration.
Many millions of travellers crowd onto public transport for the week-long celebration.
After this celebration of the nuclear family comes the service itself.
Last night's celebration was probably a bit premature.
Cahill says it is more than a celebration of cycling.
The original event ultimately was about do-it-yourself empowerment, not about education or protest or celebration.
It was a celebration of the guitar, it was the enthusiasm in my playing.
Each celebration could feature foods particular to that season, such as strawberries in summer or roasted chestnuts in winter.
They cried out with alarm or possibly in celebration, and their faces glowed with either fear or joy.
The larger dynamic at work is the celebration of self.
The celebration will be one that is for the community and therefore shaped by the community.

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