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The accomplishment being celebrated connects the people present, but it also distinguishes them from others as well.
He wrote celebrated popular books and influential scientific papers and people respected him for doing both.
Some celebrated this development as an opportunity to elevate the discourse on social policy, especially on issues of race.
The provost and others celebrated my grant, although they did not support my challenge of my non-reappointment.
Jellyfish should be celebrated as one of our planet's ultimate survivalists.
One result of the collapse has been the end of financial economics as something to be celebrated rather than feared.
Price is celebrated for creating the first actuarial model for life insurance.
Because of her previous views, each swing of her pendulum was akin to a celebrated defection to an enemy camp.
It created some scientific celebrities and also some celebrated rivalries.
In any case, growing anxiety about a double-dip recession meant the half-decent growth figures were barely celebrated.
But the gas boom that the world is currently experiencing is a conflagration to be celebrated.
He might also have celebrated the jury deadlocking on two charges of attempted extortion.
By and large this transformation should be celebrated.
Traditionally, biologists have celebrated the trunk, branch and twig system of a tree as no accident.
Heroes once vilified by official propaganda are celebrated.
More recently, though, another less celebrated red flag has also been raised about the drug.
The animal world has its share of celebrated navigators, from flocking geese to spawning salmon.
The pair celebrated with a second bottle of champagne on the surface.
The summer solstice is recognized and often celebrated in many cultures around the world-in both the past and present.
He regarded his ordinariness as something to be overcome, not celebrated.
They celebrated the seasons of the year and the power and glory of nature.
The celebrated author and humorist was feted in photographs his entire career.
Celebrated in mythology, literature and art, the pomegranate has a noble history.
Today everyone gets celebrated, in part to put an end to the common cruelties of life that so many of us grew up with.
Record low traffic fatalities celebrated by law enforcement, community partners further.

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