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We solicitously and apologetically caress and celebrate him because he held on his way and scorned our disapprobation.
It grew to be especially the negroes' day, all of the blacks of the city and neighboring country gathering to celebrate it.
They not only cope well during hardship but also celebrate the happy moments and work to build more of these into their lives.
Still, one has to celebrate even the small victories.
Others might celebrate it as the sight and sound of jobs, money being made, and energy being supplied.
They show the mob of people who took to the streets to celebrate.
The first anniversary of the rescue mission has been nothing to celebrate.
With less to celebrate, champagne exports are also suffering.
The cooking fires lit to celebrate the feast day spread in the high winds until almost all the city was ablaze.
The new demographics that are causing populations to age and to shrink are something to celebrate.
From the authorities' point of view there is nothing to celebrate.
All these things celebrate the camaraderie and joy of carts.
They give us a way to celebrate, explore, and relax.
If you want to celebrate the universe's birthday, you might need to add a few more candles to the cake.
The world's best food festivals celebrate local tastes.
The moon isn't the only cool thing in the sky to celebrate.
Help celebrate geography worldwide by planning events in your own community, school, or neighborhood.
His purpose is steady-to uncover and celebrate the people who continue to depend on the sea.
And mark your calendar-there are several events scheduled to mark celebrate the moon landing.
At the time, she was fighting cancer and hoped to celebrate a recovery by purchasing the stone.
So the discovery of new small craters is a reason to celebrate.
Now there's even more to celebrate in this paradise for cooks and eaters, which once again is ripe for discovery.
Celebrate the season with a festive alfresco buffet.
They draw you into the garden and give you a reason to celebrate the long nights of winter.
Colleges declare that they celebrate diversity and strive for a diverse student body.
Elms is located smack in the middle of more than a dozen colleges that celebrate graduation annually within a three-week stretch.
But the realities of the new gender gap are nothing to celebrate.
The students did the work and have a right to celebrate, families too.
Break down each project into manageable pieces and celebrate the completion of each one.
The easiest reaction to the demographic changes in our profession is to embrace, and even celebrate them.
When you get to this point, make sure that you figure out some way to celebrate the accomplishment.
We only celebrate one day of the holidays, which makes it easier.
They get together with colleagues to grumble, not to celebrate or to share.
To celebrate, we've liberated two pieces about him from behind our paywall.
If you are the sort to celebrate such things then by all means do so with my hearty congratulations.
Feels kind of odd to me to celebrate the explosion of a star that may have wiped out worlds.
The leaders of the human genome diversity project wanted to find a way to celebrate and preserve our genetic differences.
These are the major facts of those years, and it is a trick to celebrate them.
Mandarins were given fifty-eight days off during the year to celebrate twenty-eight holidays.
He could, and did, celebrate his birthday by blending heads of state and movie icons with his local plumber.
Meanwhile, let us celebrate the excellence of the work he gave us.
We want to see as many manifestations within the protocol as possible to celebrate human culture-natural culture.
We'll never forget the bad times, you know, but you have to celebrate the joy.
We'll celebrate moon and water festivals for our boys.
He had been training for seven months and immediately booked a holiday to celebrate.
Each year at this time, the venerable tenor saxophonist returns to his hometown to celebrate his birthday with family and friends.

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