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The living room now glows with new wood floors and a lighter, less-obtrusive shade of paint on the ceiling beams and trim.
Raising the ceiling helped transform this room into a natural gathering place more.
The timber baron sits behind a desk of ebony, in a palisander chair, surrounded by palisander walls and ceiling and floor.
Rays of sunlight filter through a grated window, casting a honeyed glow on the room's curved, rough-hewn walls and high ceiling.
Walk catwalks in central atrium to your room: floor-to-ceiling windows, sepia artwork, eco-friendly soap dispensers.
There is nothing else in the room-except a bare light bulb on the ceiling, well out of reach.
Every room is about twice the size it seems to need to be, and every ceiling is triple-height.
He had some of his special abstract art pinned on the walls of his room and on the ceiling.
The main sitting room had windows along one side that went from floor to ceiling, and they could be tilted open for cleaning.
The federal debt ceiling debate is already complicating life for state and local governments.
Misplacing things is so easy-keys, wallet, theater ceiling.
Usually the ceiling and walls are right there and you're lying in water.
Wire mesh covers the ceiling to prevent big pieces from falling into the roadways or hitting miners.
The ceiling isn't the ideal placement for audiophile music enjoyment anyway.
Exposed pipes run between the ceiling and floor, where a thin rug covers a large burn spot.
To our left and right the tomb was packed nearly to the ceiling with silt and limestone chips washed in by flash floods.
So while it does look higher, this is what you call a ceiling effect, and there's no significant difference.
They occupy chairs and tables under languid ceiling fans and a haphazardly joined ceiling of corrugated plastic sheets.
One end of the plug is the ceiling and the other end is the floor.
There are actually wispy clouds up near the ceiling.
The problem is test scores in school become the ceiling rather than the floor for teachers and students alike.
Still others tilt alone into space, as if accommodating their compatriots, obligingly sharing the cave's ceiling.
The first thing she did was climb to the attic to make sure she could raise the ceiling.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions about ceiling height.
The others are looking at the ceiling or out the window.
There was no sunlight but instead the powerful glow of the electric light on the building's ceiling.
The sales promotion banners hanging from the ceiling were moving.
Cracks were fissuring along the frescoed walls and ceiling.
Tinted plaster lends a lush brown suede effect to the entry walls, transitioning to a gray-blue hue on the ceiling.
When you walk in the lobby, you are greeted by whale skulls that reach almost to the ceiling.
We had leaned our heads way back in order to see the panels at the top, and the blue, star-studded ceiling.
Heat and cool only the rooms you use and whenever possible rely on windows and ceiling fans rather than air conditioning.
Switching ceiling fans to rotate in a clockwise direction will help circulate warm air throughout your home.
But then the molten liquid from the ceiling dripped on more of my body.
Living space doesn't have to mean four walls and a ceiling.
Palm executives are aware that there is a definite ceiling to the handheld organizer market.
We may not be able to raise both the ceiling and the floor.
Giant snowflakes hanging from the ceiling at a hotel.
Our home is one of the few here that have insulation in the ceiling and walls.
The ceiling has a series of recessed panels that contain incandescent downlights to further brighten and define the space.
Attach a car to the ceiling and it'll be suspended realistically.
The visitor center also can fall back on electricity if needed, with a set of radiant ceiling panels that can provide heat.
All the different lamps hanging from the ceiling add interest to it.
Floor to ceiling windows in the living and dining areas offer a broad view of the surrounding landscape and valley below.
The ceiling fan makes an oil-starved groaning sound while blood-drunk mosquitoes dance in the churning air.
Huge rock slabs form the ceiling here, and the floor is buried under dusty piles of loose rock.
The upraised spear point almost touched the ceiling.
Plus, hardware prices have gone through the ceiling.
Inside the chamber, the team uncovered a vaulted ceiling decorated with stars.
The ceiling was given a gentle pitch over the original beams.
There are days when floating, puffy clouds seem to hover at ceiling height in the cool, clear-as-ice sky.
Wander among impressive calcite formations erupting from the ground and hanging from the ceiling.
Reduce your home's impact by using ceiling and floor fans instead of air-conditioning.
The ceiling is kept white to reflect more light and brighten the entire space.
Paint the ceiling a lighter color to bring the eye up and heighten the space.
Undulating, roughly carved ceiling beams add to the vertiginous sensation.
It will have a full kitchen and bathroom, a loft big enough to sleep in, and a roomy living area with a vaulted ceiling.
Beam galactic images on the ceiling with a touch of a button.
Ceiling panels are divided into jagged shards, and pieces of wall jut out or recede.
Put white contact paper down on surface under ceiling light.
They catch the shards of mirror affixed to the ceiling.
In places where the limestone was weak, the ceiling collapsed into sinkholes, creating the gigantic skylights.
The air was dense and the only light came from small air ducts near the ceiling.
Run ceiling or window fans during the summer to reduce the need for air conditioning.
Many of the individual labs are open-plan and high ceiling so that people know what's going on in other labs.
They dug up through a soft spot in the ceiling and enforced and camouflaged a hatch so farmers wouldn't find it or fall through.
Instead, rotate your flash to bounce off a wall or ceiling so the light is more evenly spread through your scene.
Ceiling fans spin slowly overhead in the tropical languor.
Check out the attic or crawl space between your roof and your ceiling.
Local building codes dictate required exterior wall and ceiling insulation.
And kids can gaze at the stars through the skylight ceiling.
The halls are rich with oaken wainscoting and ceiling.
While he spoke the magistrate would look at the ceiling.
The ceiling was a great sparkling flower, and the more one looked up at it, the deeper did it cup appear.
Clerestory windows bounce the light off the ceiling, brightening the space.
It contains a built-in bench seat that fits between a pair of floor-to-ceiling cabinets.
High-gloss white marine paint covers the wainscoting, ceiling, and chairs.
The desk is also made of birch, its edge gently curved to echo the ceiling's lines.
What's really worth watching here is the view out the floor-to-ceiling windows.
The table legs are painted white to match the walls, ceiling, and cabinet trim.
The high ceiling, with its exposed beams and rafters, is painted a rustic white that brightens the entire space.
Floor-to-ceiling windows give the living area a brightness and connection to the outdoors.
The building, whose support columns resemble slender trees that branch out to hold up the ceiling, is still under construction.
Break the silence with a cough, and the sound echoes up two stories to the top of the ceiling.
The soaring timbered ceiling had disappeared under tiles fitted with fluorescent lights.
Guidelines are, after all, not necessarily a ceiling.
The floors are littered with broken ceiling tiles, and inch-wide cracks snake along the walls.
Two ceiling fans do little to relieve the stifling summer heat.
The dining hall features floor-to-ceiling windows and provides flexible reception and banquet space.
It's now an open-ceiling underwater cavern, rich with the color for which it is named.
So they had to cut a hole in the ceiling to get the rocket's nose to fit.
Floor-to-ceiling windows allow guests to observe bathing elephants from the comfort of their cabins.
During other zero-gravity periods, one of my companions ricochets off the ceiling.
If the animals had died on impact, all the bones would have been found in a heap directly below the hole in the ceiling.
Install a ceiling fan to circulate the air and keep you cool.
It is better to do a floor to ceiling cleaning and launder everything.
But the commission supports a ceiling on the price of emission allowances to prevent excessive costs and price volatility.
Only the body, the ceiling immediately above it, and the floor underneath it showed any fire damage.
He boiled water to scald skins, the steam gathering against the ceiling.
The researchers built two resonant copper coils and hung them from the ceiling, about two meters apart.
The adhesive is inspired by geckos' feet, which allow the reptiles to walk along the ceiling and up and down smooth walls.
The troughs are hung from wires strung from a motor and spool attached to the ceiling.
Also looming sometime this spring is a vote to raise the country's debt ceiling.
There will be a vote on raising the debt ceiling in late spring or summer.
Above him a lady is seen plunging from a trap door in the ceiling, about to impale herself upon him.
Light splinters through the bedroom ceiling, where the rains have eroded the algae-green plaster.
From that height on there is an open space up to the ceiling of the ample second floor hall.
Two weeks ago a heavy rain had leaked through the ceiling and wetted the box.
Our real-time tracker of debt-ceiling developments.
The current debt ceiling fracas stems from one thing, and it's not spending.
There's a lot of blame to go around for debt-ceiling insanity.
Debt-ceiling increases are now tied to deficit reduction.
The debt ceiling may be raised, but the stock market has plummeted.
The statutory debt ceiling and the threat of default have become political bargaining chips in the debate over fiscal policy.
At night, red lights line the ceiling and the restaurant is packed.
His approval rating, after diving during the debt-ceiling crisis, has rebounded somewhat.
Yet little lights installed in the cracks of the ceiling lend the chaos an ethereal glow.
Looking up toward the ceiling, he darted into a back hallway before hesitating.
Painted a dull red, the interior of the boat was gradually filling up with water dripping from the ceiling.
They sleep on a mezzanine, under a ceiling splotched by a century of water stains-yellow scabs that sometimes reopen.
His domain has been a laboratory stacked to the ceiling with electronic equipment and laced with a whiff of animal odors.
If you lie looking at a ceiling that is moderately textured, with a window to one side, this illusion happens repeatedly.
Note how the figure kneels on the marble frame of the ceiling.
One study has bookshelves filled with hardbound journals all the way to the high ceiling.
The bivouac was established in my bathroom, on the ceiling above the tub.
It's no longer spitting pea soup, forest romps, and jumping up and down on the ceiling.
The ceiling is open to the rafters, and employees work at pods of office carrels, each a little company being born.
Sometimes on their ascent the dolphins disappear beyond the water's ceiling, leaping into the air and then plunging down again.
When the character can't see the alien, it is always on the ceiling.
The net effect of our debt-ceiling debate is now clear: there will be large spending cuts, starting soon.
It's really not so different from this summer's protracted, miserable debt-ceiling debate.
So the zombies have to keep coming at you, crawling over the walls and across the ceiling.
There is a sleeping loft, a ceiling crossed by wooden beams, paintings of knights.
Stuffed animals surrounded him and were stacked up to the ceiling against the wall by his bed.
Her whole house was basically up to the ceiling with garbage.
Jerry looks at the ceiling as if there were logic in his figuring.
The ceiling is coated with sparkling hexagonal ice crystals.
Helium balloons with silver lame streamers hugged the ceiling.
The one thing that the national-debt ceiling has never done is put a ceiling on the rising national debt.
Ceiling fan performance and energy savings rely heavily on the proper installation and use of the ceiling fan.
These features are commonly found in more expensive ceiling fan models.

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