cavort in a sentence

Example sentences for cavort

AS the taxi drivers cavort about town they don't sigh for the good old days.
She goes home depleted, while her white colleagues cavort on the tennis court.
And our high level of pitched rhetoric, both sides cavort with a dictionary of violence.
While their mothers doze, the half brothers cavort near their snoring father.
Every once in a while a tiny, buxom fiddler would cavort across the stage, tossing her white-blond mane.
Even the dolphins seem more exuberant as they cavort with surfers.
Some tend to cavort overhead in plain view, while others conceal themselves atop tall trees.
Little putti cavort over the tendrils, as though playing tag with one another or hunting butterflies.
Their charges wrestle on a rug, climb on a plastic play set and cavort in a pool.
Now dragons cavort over grillwork and carpeting, and exotic faces peer down from decorative columns.
The two actors sprint, wheel, and cavort soundlessly.
These three poems cavort with language in a way not often seen, and bring a wild pleasure.
After a time a troop of vervet monkeys came out of the surrounding rain forest to cavort by the hotel's entrance.
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