caving in a sentence

Example sentences for caving

Bentonite slurry, a gelatinous blend of clay and water, was pumped into the growing hole to prevent the sides from caving in.
When caving, tight squeezes can actually tear the clothes off your back.
Even big firms are reportedly caving in, particularly for those writing large cheques.
They see engagement on anything less than our terms as caving in, as surrendering sovereignty.
The first such move would be to stop caving in to countries' financial blackmail, and be free of their pressure.
Decide where you want to go caving and let your choice determine your equipment.
Tourists also can go horseback riding, hiking, caving and golfing.
They suggest the president is caving on environmental issues out of political consideration.
Each tour has an itinerary that includes optional excursions including caving, rafting and biking.
Now, they suggest the president is caving on environmental issues out of political consideration.
Adventure seekers can participate in nature hikes and caving trips.
Spelunking and caving, along with backpacking into remote areas to camp, are popular activities within the region.
Couples who try the program might find themselves kayaking, caving, climbing or retreating their way to romance.
The partners, caving in to their big client, do as he says.
Caving is a sport for those who enjoy physical and mental challenges in their quest to see new things and experience new places.
Prior spelunking experience is required and membership in a recognized caving organization is encouraged.
The area below the dam offers unique opportunities for day hiking and caving.
Due to the possible spread of disease to bats, participants may not use personal caving gear or backpacks.
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