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As a sensitive representation of the music, it was beyond cavil.
The critics will doubtless find new reasons to cavil soon enough.
If one were to cavil about any aspect of the sushi bar, it would be that the selection could be enlarged.
Still, there was little room for cavil in an evening so intelligently conceived and vibrantly executed.
If this is the playwright's intention, one cannot cavil.
As for the lack of colorful scenery, one does not cavil.
Some newspapers will cavil, arguing that without sensation and intrusion they cannot survive.
But one claiming the unique and favored position must establish his right thereto beyond doubt or cavil.
It is beyond cavil that such alleged violation does not contravene an important matter of public policy.
It is beyond cavil, then, that this reason for her termination had nothing whatsoever to do with her gender.
It is beyond cavil that summary judgment should be granted when there is no doubt as to the absence of triable issues.
It is beyond cavil that this case does not involve the type of egregious misconduct that warrants an award of costs and fees.

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Best masters for the young writer and speaker are the fault- finding brothers and sisters at home who will not spare him... more
O Adolescence, O Adolescence I wince before thine incandescence . . . When anxious elders swarm about Crying "Where are ... more
In the way of bargain, mark ye me, I'll cavil on the ninth part of a hair.... more

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