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And the roe or eggs of the sturgeon were prepared through a salting process to become caviar.
The eggs of certain fish, mainly sturgeon, are prepared as a delicacy known as caviar.
Paddlefish were once an important commercial species and even replaced sturgeon as the major source of eggs for caviar.
And if along the way you want to gorge on caviar or get a tattoo, that's entirely up to you.
Or when an author forks over a copy of a monograph that costs more than a tin of caviar.
But the popularity of the caviar has exacted a heavy ecological toll.
Sturgeons are highly regarded, both commercially for their caviar and meat, and for sport.
Caviar samples represent about one third of the lab's caseload.
Others describe the flavor as a mix of seaweed and caviar.
The region could also become one of the richest export producers of fresh salmon, frozen salmon, and caviar.
Caviar, asparagus, and slices of strawberry are arranged artfully on a plate.
Of all of the dishes, only the olive caviar was left uneaten.
Some nights, he would arrive with a tin of caviar and two quarts of imported varnish.
At one point he told us that the price of his drawings had soared so high that a kilo of caviar worked out to be cheaper.
And he learned to transmute those elements into the restaurant's signature salmon and golden caviar pie.
The wild fluctuation in caviar prices is equaled only by the inconsistency of the quality of caviar available this season.
Although they are traditionally served with caviar and sour cream, blini also can be topped with delicious, healthy alternatives.
Those aren't holes in her soft grey caviar beaded gown.
At the hotel spa, guests can enjoy one-of-a-kind treatments such as caviar facials and abalone skin wraps.
Streets empty, restaurants seat without lines, and opulent hotels offer caviar-quality quarters at steak-and-potatoes prices.
Now the caviar industry is targeting shovelnose sturgeon as a source of caviar.
Second, and the more important reason, was the price increase in sturgeon flesh and caviar.
We would share vodka and salmon caviar with melancholy park rangers in ramshackle huts.

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