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Our leaders' failure to learn from history is a cautionary tale.
For those of us in the tech-review business, however, these flopperoos live on as painful memories-and cautionary tales.
We've all been told to be cautionary against dining out at fast food.
The book is part memoir and part cautionary tale about trying to change a culture.
It's a cautionary set of observations that all of us need to heed.
The second study offers a cautionary tale about what can happen when one chemical is replaced for another.
The cautionary tale of my ruined engagement ring, with a foray into the science of gold and diamonds.
One cautionary tale about the perils of relying on a homogenous food source revolves around the humble potato.
But not all cautionary oil predictions have been wrong.
When gathered around the stove before bedtime, veterans of these stations sometimes tell newcomers a cautionary tale.
The show is one of many dispensing cautionary tales.
Instead of a fictional book to share with children, this true story is a cautionary tale for geek parents everywhere.
Books about escapism and gaming too often swerve into cautionary tale territory.
Unfortunately, this cartoon looms as a cautionary tale.
It's a cautionary tale for anyone who uses a third-party booker.
To some, this is a cautionary tale of the celebration of finance and the neglect of manufacturing.
Its struggle against insolvency is a cautionary tale in the era of credit derivatives.
But history provides a cautionary tale for those hotspot operators that charge for access.
Nevertheless, three big cautionary notes are worth remembering.
The media usually publicise only executions that are deemed by the government to have some wider cautionary value.
BK provides a cautionary tale for market investors, since the huge sums extracted by private-equity firms left it heavy with debt.
Although a cautionary note on the distortion of existing trends.
Now the building also seems destined to serve as a cautionary tale for colleges everywhere.
Perhaps you might give us the gist of this cautionary tale.
For universities, the libraries' experience is a cautionary tale.
They had no forensic body farm at which to chart a corpse's fade from nauseating stink to cautionary bones.
Bear with me for one last cautionary tale from my life in the corporate world.
My colleagues are no help except as cautionary tales.
But some of the stories do not even hold up as cautionary anecdotes.
It's a cautionary tale for us to carefully consider.
There is one more cautionary footnote to the tale of the new pain drugs.
The people who had read the cautionary materials were less prejudiced if they were also vaccinated.
The rise and fall of the theory known as eugenics is in every respect a cautionary tale.
It excuses so many excesses and failures, gives rise to so many cautionary legends.
It seems out of character, and the tone is not that of a cautionary tale.
Those four words carried a cautionary moral: that in the past, things were more exciting and romantic than they could ever be now.
One early effort in education already appears to be a cautionary tale.
The themes that resonate through his story are timeless and cautionary.
If there's any cautionary element, that would be it.
His story could be taken as a cautionary tale about selling out-or about not selling out quite enough.
Cautionary note about interpretation of state rankings data.

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The most welcome joke to me is the one that takes the place of a heavy, not altogether innocuous thought, at once a more
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