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Nothing slows down a cook more or is more likely to cause injury than dull knives.
Even though many nets are now equipped with devices to release the dolphins, the stress of capture alone may cause injury.
We offer them here, along with tips and shortcuts, in the cause of making artisans of us all.
If placed too closely, mulch can retain moisture and cause plants and trees to rot.
Giving plants too much water, especially in clay soils, can cause as many problems as supplying too little.
The damage it could cause our inner-office relationship would be irreconcilable.
In tropical climates trematodes cause schistosomiasis, a disease that kills millions of people.
The only way to fight acid rain is by curbing the release of the pollutants that cause it.
In some places a tsunami may cause the sea to rise vertically only a few inches or feet.
Inhaling these particulates can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.
Despite a thorough investigation of the site, the cause of the catastrophe eluded everyone.
Climate change could potentially cause the polar ice caps to melt, leading to sea level rises worldwide.
These holes can be so large that they weaken smaller trees or even cause them to break in half.
Invasive species are generally regarded as the second largest cause of biodiversity loss, right after habitat destruction.
Instead, it will focus on so-called cause marketing.
They can also cause the atmosphere to become more unstable.
The idea that anthropogenic climate change might cause a war or two sometime in the future is not new.
Strange they have found a cause with no recommendation to fix the problem.
The cause was the chemical compound lignin, which plants use to build themselves up.
In the long run, a million horrid deaths would be amply repaid in the cause of humanity.
They donned tree costumes to attract attention to their cause and crawled into tree platforms to disrupt logging.
The city's small wooden homes were built on pilings to keep them from melting the permafrost, which would cause them to sink.
Neither anticipated that the cause of the conflict might cease with or even before the conflict itself should cease.
If his cause be wrong, our obedience to the king wipes the crime of it out of us.
Now the cause was lost and they had no right to claim anything.
From confessors, doctors and lawyers, do not conceal the truth of your cause.
All knew that this interest was, somehow, the cause of the war.
The first step in determining the cause of dizziness is to clarify exactly what the individual is experiencing.
Can anyone tell me if it is possible for hexavalent chromium in drinking be a cause for rectal cancer.
Traces of chemicals known to cause human cancer lurk everywhere.
Sociopaths are unlikely to cause physical harm, preferring to manipulate and charm to get what they want.
It would cause jurors to think twice about rushing to judgments.
What will cause cancer in one species will not necessarily cause it in another.
Biological populations often exhibit erratic booms and busts that cannot be explained by any external cause.
Similarly, computers don't cause crazy volatility, the people who operate and program those computers cause crazy volatility.
Many of these are known to cause fatigue and daytime drowsiness.
Yet promoting human rights in thick-skinned countries is not a hopeless cause.
But even with that increase, trade is still far from being the main cause of wage inequality.
So spinal damage, a common cause of paralysis, does not affect these nerves.
To even dare to claim that taxes and not geometrically lower wage rates are the main cause of offshoring is laughable.
The cause seems to be exposure to testosterone, which is also known to make people aggressive.
Science is the solution to stem rust, not the cause of its return.
It is no wonder, then, that pollution is the cause of ever more protests and demonstrations.
So far, it is not clear whether the strain is spreading beyond farms to cause infections elsewhere in the population.
The cause has not yet been determined but preliminary laboratory tests revealed acute physical trauma.
Densely packed organic matter produces methane as it rots, which can catch fire or cause explosions.
Higher prices may cause a surge in headline inflation but their main effect will be to act as a tax on consumers.
Harder to predict is the economic impact of the disruption that the bug will cause.
Pathologic jaundice is the name given when jaundice presents a health risk, either because of its degree or its cause.
The heat of the eggs is sufficient to cause the small pieces to release their aroma, permeating the dish.
Dark metal pans, including nonstick, will cause your baked goods to brown more quickly.
His voice rises, a crescendo of persuasion, a clarion for the cause.
Knowledge in the wrong hands can cause great destruction.
Any increase in demand for these commodities will cause a leap in price as well.
Brakes-even new ones-are plagued with the problem of squeal, a major cause of consumer complaint and warranty repairs.
Every deviation of the actual value from the target has a cause.
Dropping a cell phone or laptop can, of course, cause irreparable damage.
Spacecraft engineers' first thought was that heat emitted by the spacecraft could cause exactly this kind of deceleration.
But the glucose sensors available today can cause infections after a few days, and they are bulky and expensive.
They also take apart the green laser pointer in question to identify the cause of the problem.
In defensive mode, surrounding cells release molecules that cause the whiskers to bind together, forming a rigid shield.
It's a cause that the private sector is keen to support.
To date, research into the genetic cause of disease has been overwhelmingly white.
They cause many other variables to move in more or less lock-step.
Eventually these structures can cause a short circuit.
Chronic kidney disease is not the cause of morbidity in dialysis patients.
All sorts of psychiatric conditions can cause itching.
Environmental hazards may cause lasting harm to children.
Discusses the rendering of nightmares in movies and considers whether scary movies cause nightmares.
Inadvertent contact with a thigh or knee can cause all the bottles to be knocked over and to tumble into the tub or behind it.
Ideas about what can cause a tall city tower to shake were on a lot of our minds.
For there to be a lot of executions, there have to have been a lot of murders-and that can hardly be cause for happiness.
It has also provided suggestive insights into the physiological cause of such mystifying syndromes as synesthesia and autism.
Those who have the means to flee do, and the refugees cause panic in the places to which they've fled.
The bacteria didn't have to be alive to cause the problem.
And if both phones fit into the same cases, there's not much cause for worry in any event.
They conclude that it is not clear that debt is a primary cause of student failure.
Such a system might use a different chemistry, but whatever its chemistry it would have to be able to cause what the brain causes.
Clearly, even then, doubt would never get a look in once a cause was adopted.
In truth there was no cause for rejoicing, nor need to turn around, either.
In other words, these three special courts all ruled that in these cases there is no scientific claim that vaccines cause autism.
His work led him to develop a petri-dish protocol for testing whether a substance can cause such mutations.
The science is in, the tests have been done, the results are solid: vaccinations do not cause autism.
In almost half of all cases, there is no known cause.
Many nucleotide differences are neutral-both the mutation and the normal gene cause the same protein to be made.
When injury or overuse irritates the bursa, any pressure or movement around it will cause pain.
During rush hour, maddening traffic jams can arise without an obvious cause.
Things may start to go awry when toxic drugs, loud noises, or even whiplash cause damage to the nerve hairs in the ears.
The anticoagulant can sometimes cause spontaneous bleeding.
And if many chronic diseases share this underlying cause, they might all be remedied in a similar way.
People tried to link that particular cause with that outcome, and that was a mistake.
In other words, these people are fighting against their own cause.
In truth, there was enormous cause for public alarm.
But the collision of the right actor and the right director can cause a spark that ignites magic on-screen.
They were his soul mates, his salvation, and his cause.
Her unconventional way of using makeup and wacky hairstyles are enough to cause a sensation.
There's a sense among elites that at any moment instability might cause all the wealth to disappear, he explained.
My impatience, which can cause me to be really caustic and rude.
Vaccines don't cause autism, so you can't make them safer by making them not cause autism.
The additional testing required to rule out cancer can also be costly and time consuming and can cause physical discomfort.
Here's a cause that should be easy for me to champion.

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