causative in a sentence

Example sentences for causative

The causative organism was not one they tested for routinely.
Correct pronunciation of the different diseases and causative agents also helps patients.
The presumption of guilt may be the causative behind severe tragedies, or the irony at the heart of distasteful fiascos.
Constructing a one-time ex post rationale is not a good way to view causative relations.
They present correlative evidence as though it were causative.
OK, so there's no really good causative link from income inequality to the bubble and the financial crisis.
For every variable, there is a near exponential, perhaps logarithmic increase in causative factors.
It is obvious that your definition of causative violence and mine have come to differ of late.
Cats could carry something else besides this infection that might be causative.
Excessive age of the toilets was implicated as a causative factor.
The wine and monogamy thing is a correlation, not a causative.
Further studies of the regions may identify the causative variants affecting susceptibility to obesity.
As for a causative principle, consider the irrepressible impulse to extrapolate from local observations.
Because the two things coincide in time does not prove a causative link.
Since it seems to be non-causative, removing it would probably make no difference on the onset or progression of the disease.
There are so many causative factors involved that it makes it difficult to capture the same image twice.
These studies show that it is the genes that are largely the causative agent.
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