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Example sentences for cauldron

Pure tin is mixed with its additional components in a large cauldron and slowly melted.
Rather, it is a roiling, seething cauldron of evanescent particles.
Because in the roiling cauldron of activity that governs galaxy formation, some stars go supernova.
Emotions are finally settling down in the entertainment industry's bubbling cauldron of labor disputes.
They can also use their own cauldron and camera to put together their video.
Seen from afar, the landscape looks perfectly smooth, but up close it is a churning cauldron of strange geometries.
Even witches appreciate what they bring to a boiling cauldron.
Plunging her knife into the animal, she bleeds it nearly dry and then casts the limp sheep into a bubbling cauldron.
At length she took a cauldron, set it on the fire, and boiled yarn in it.
Underneath it was a magma chamber, a vast seething cauldron of molten rock.
She could never catch a glimpse of herself even when she prepared food for fifty in a vast metal cauldron.
The changes, which were made last night, follow complaints about lack of public access to the cauldron.
But it's a ticking time bomb, enough to turn the world into a cauldron, should it all get into the atmosphere.
As all those glowing profiles detail, he grew up in an intellectual cauldron.
So many have lost the grand idea of the melting pot, in which cauldron a mighty people were formed of many cultures.
There's also a magic hat and a magic cauldron of boiling water.
The fabled melting pot was always a boiling cauldron of differences.

Famous quotes containing the word cauldron

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