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Example sentences for caught up

The neighborhood caught up the story, and the house remained untenanted for three years.
We recently caught up with him to talk about his experience.
Tiny bits of food get caught up in that calcified bacterial sludge, where they can remain for millennia without disintegrating.
The brother chased his sister around and caught up with her.
Not everyone, however, was caught up in the apocalyptic frenzy.
Nature caught up with him in his first week on the job.
Journalist's check their sources and fairly report both sides, and they try never to caught up in looney conspiracy theories.
It might be an old idea but technology has caught up.
We may not be ahead of the curve, but you aren't even caught up.
On the large scale of stars and planets, the field lines are caught up in the fluid motion and distorted.
And what frightens climate scientists is that temperature hasn't caught up yet.
Forest is being cleared for agriculture to feed a swelling population, though locals are caught up in regional wars.
Unfortunately, science has not yet caught up to this expected-and sometimes promised-level of precision.
And, because our technology has not caught up with being able to test for it, they tell the victims it s all in their heads.
Doctors are caught up in the middle while the lawyers circle the waters waiting for a drop of blood.
Eventually the sisters' trickery caught up with them, in part due to a worsening drinking problem.
The economy's collapse has caught up with the billion-dollar campaign.
The companies say their plan will offer a new way for students who lack basic skills to get caught up.
Even countries with few national resources are caught up.
Students caught up in such potentially traumatic incidents are fully capable of making difficult decisions of their own.
Avoid getting so caught up in day-to-day operations that you fail to invest in your own future.
And, by all means use the downtime from campus to get caught up on committee work, or even your writing.
It is so easy to get caught up in the struggles of every day and to forget that our friends and neighbors need us.
Because they have been caught up in the celebrity industry.
Last month the past caught up with the present: the archdiocese, besieged by lawsuits, filed for bankruptcy.
To report this misapprehension is doubly sad, apart from our own regret at being caught up in it.
They either paid off their mortgages or caught up on their payments.
It is caught up in a furious debate over financial regulation, and has little popular support.
You're caught up in this junkie behavior, and you have to keep upping the dose.
The resulting downtime gave the crew a chance to get caught up on some things.
The brave dog, barking fiercely, caught up to the quick-moving attacker and chased the fox away.
He took off at a tremendous gallop and, within seconds, he had caught up to the middle of the pack.
Indifferent staff, it is an all around nightmare if you are caught up in it.
We rested here for a couple of days and caught up on school.
We do not know if his enemies caught up with him at that spot, or were waiting there in ambush for him to arrive.
Our tired, polarized politics have not caught up with these changes.
Never had the opportunity to do the dating thing, or get caught up in trying to impress folks.
Yet the notion exists that people have to be caught up in something cataclysmic before they can write anything of any real worth.
Most of the money is caught up in securities investments.
To see our issues caught up in the rough posturing of politics is disconcerting compared with the nuances that occupy us.
She heard a distant train whistle and looked off toward it, caught up in the haunting sound.
Ordinarily, no judge or jury ever sees the persons caught up in a dispute over the appropriate level of neighborhood order.
But our newsroom thinking hadn't caught up with our business thinking.
If you missed any of our news and politics entries, here's your chance to get caught up.
For the first time in its history, theory has caught up with experiment.
They all seem caught up in their own little worlds, running to and fro, wailing and tearing at their hair.
When asked why, he grew sad and dispirited, and said that he was too emotionally caught up in the tragedy.
They caught up with him at the airport as he was leaving.
He tries to avoid getting caught up in the bitter emotions his cases arouse.
The behavior hadn't caught up with the new standards.
Sam doesn't have any idea why he is caught up in it.
It was hundreds of years before the law caught up with his notion that irreconcilable differences might be grounds for divorce.
They were all so caught up in the romance of the westward expansion, they chose not to look at that side of the story.
We might in that case have got caught up in it as a kind of sick joke.
But he often gave the impression of being not entirely present, as if his mind were caught up in an invisible event.
When swimming, the treated mice caught up with their normal counterparts, and their cellular and biochemical deficits disappeared.
In the last scene he is caught up in the back-to-the-land dream.
No one had actually looked medically at what happened to traders when they were caught up in a bubble.
Getting caught up in this temporal narrative and not paying enough attention to their day to day experience.
Particularly about getting caught up in election cycles.
Selfishness and greed have caused the current economic crisis, the lust for even more money has finally caught up.
Perhaps we're caught up in some crazy blooming belly button dream.
Part of the reason so many of the people around him are so loyal-such true believers-is that they're caught up in it.
Sometimes, too, they get completely caught up in it.
But now the new permissiveness has caught up with this once-daring tribe.
Now, it seems, the age of prosperity has caught up with the clerics.
While it is useful to examine these concepts, it is best not to get caught up in the fine distinctions.
It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the old west outlaws.
The paving will help to eliminate foreign object debris from getting caught up in airplane engines.
Our ability to observe the ocean environment and its resident creatures has finally caught up with our imaginations.

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