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We recently caught up with him to talk about his experience.
Hippos have poor eyesight but an excellent sense of smell, and he's caught our scent.
If he could not, that meant fear of being caught had parched his throat, and his deceit was confirmed.
Already one of the world's foremost evolutionary biologists, he had caught the spirit of a new age.
Forty-three years ago, a vast honeycomb of coal mines at the edge of the town caught fire.
It's no wonder they caught the attention of other diplomats.
And suddenly the music was much richer for the drama that the singing actors were caught in.
Then suddenly her head pitched up as she caught our alien scent.
In the scuppers were small traps that caught bits of food and plastic.
The good news is that the fish, a northern snakehead that has been targeted by biologists for the last several weeks, was caught.
All members of the ski patrol wear one as well, in case they get caught in an avalanche while working.
His team found a wall painting-which depicts a deer caught in a net-after discovering a staircase leading up to a hidden altar.
The enormity of the plant and its large flowers at the top caught their eyes.
The new squid could be an adult member of the species but researchers can't say for certain until they have caught a specimen.
But the fire alarms caught the attention of koala lovers around the world.
They then monitored what insects were caught daily in both filtered and unfiltered webs.
The wheels have caught you, the glance has captured you.
The idea of which she had caught a glimpse a few moments before now loomed large.
Youths and maidens in common festival recite in turn the verses of a ballad, caught and flung back in the refrain.
They caught some of the water in a tankard and threw it on a slab near the spring.
Polar bear hunting has gotten caught up in the larger debate over global warming.
The much smaller number of major leaguers who have been caught have tended to be of the journeymen variety.
The companies say their plan will offer a new way for students who lack basic skills to get caught up.
One that caught my attention appears in the first few pages of the report.
But the best way to avoid getting caught off guard by a question, you did not expect, is to take a moment and pause.
Even with a home inspection not everything gets caught.
If you are caught doing it, your career could be in jeopardy.
Between work and pregnancy, there are a lot of times to get caught up in comparisons with what others are doing or feeling.
And, by all means use the downtime from campus to get caught up on committee work, or even your writing.
But as a student, they are caught in the continuous circle of learning material and memorizing it.
The latter is the only reason that my entire head has not caught flame right now.
And now he has allegedly been caught in bed with his former private secretary.
Those caught inside were escorted out by police eight hours later, to jeers.
It is caught up in a furious debate over financial regulation, and has little popular support.
There are no submissions from publishers, authors or agents, and anyone caught jockeying for position is swiftly punished.
They have caught on partly because many websites do not look good when viewed on phones' tiny screens.
Social arrangements have not caught up with economic changes.
The flame stayed lit all the way down, but went out when caught.
The trout is caught by the fisherman's lure, the mouse by cheese.
Since cheaters are rarely caught red-handed, scientists devised a plan to catch them with the packaging inside their bodies.
Nature caught up with him in his first week on the job.
Doctors' reports indicated they had caught his cancer relatively early.
It would be interesting to track the protein in farm-raised fish vs wild-caught.
Journalist's check their sources and fairly report both sides, and they try never to caught up in looney conspiracy theories.
So far you've cited situations where the perpetrators were caught.
Despite language barriers and economic hardships, the rocketry program has caught on there in a big way.
Because when haddock face a net, they swim up to escape and get caught.
These observatories have already caught tens of thousands of neutrinos and made pictures of the sun in neutrinos.
On the large scale of stars and planets, the field lines are caught up in the fluid motion and distorted.
If you get caught with a can, you don't remember who you got it from.
We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.
There was the paper, the carefully rendered dinosaur caught in mid-roar.
But before she got to the bottom of the hill a bush caught her dress.
Diseases and disorders could be caught and diagnosed early.
Never had the opportunity to do the dating thing, or get caught up in trying to impress folks.
Caught cells are then flooded with a solution containing fluorescent protein tags.
Lung cancer is a brutal disease, often not caught until it's too late for treatment to do much good.
For patients whose melanoma isn't caught early, the life expectancy is less than a year.
But use of the tests has not caught on, for a variety of reasons.
When swimming, the treated mice caught up with their normal counterparts, and their cellular and biochemical deficits disappeared.
There are laws that will send them to prison if they were caught.
As one imagines, the reason that they never caught on is because they tend to be extremely expensive and not that long-lived.
The error doesn't give every computer the same cryptographic key--that would have been caught before now.
We all remember what happened to him after he went under and was caught selling coke.
The announcement caught the rest of the industry with its pants down.
We still seem to be caught in this serial way of thinking of science and breakthroughs.
They have been caught in this not so holy activity in public.
Her characters are real, people caught out by their own desires and decisions, and they demand our attention.
What caught his eye was a small red gem of urinal cake, which had been tumbled and abraded into a perfect, fluid-winnowed capsule.
Time that has been caught on film versus time that has been manipulated for film.
He would chase after them and give anyone he caught a sound thrashing with a stick.
We'd start by going to the newsstand and buying anything that caught our eye.
She came into his room, caught sight of the tank, and gave a small yelp.
Once he'd caught her staring at him down the aisle of lettuces and artichokes.
Sadness at being caught, at the incontrovertible knowledge that she will never forgive you.
If you caught somebody counting cards you signalled for help.
He was said to be dealing but hadn't got caught at it.
Trees in a park across the intersection caught on fire.
Perhaps the stage theory of grief caught on so quickly because it made loss sound controllable.
For the first time in its history, theory has caught up with experiment.
He sped to third base, then rounded it, only to be caught off the bag by a laser from the outfield.
Bill knew that he'd been caught and couldn't bluster his way out of it.
Part of the reason so many of the people around him are so loyal-such true believers-is that they're caught up in it.
In the apparently not-so-rare cases where the tax cheat gets caught, he can simply bribe the tax collector and be done with it.
All of the couple's amorous behavior was caught on closed-circuit camera.
He's finally been caught after two years on the run.
And it is the story of the millions caught in between.
Her lecture today covered creative ways to convince corporations to buy and sell fish caught in a sustainable manner.
Orbits with velocity low enough to get caught in the boundary become lost in the tangle of paths there.
She'd read that ovarian cancer is rarely cured unless caught early.
But the public concern about autism has caught the ear of federal lawmakers.
The spider sits pretty in the middle of its home, surrounded by the pre-packaged morsels of the insects it has caught.
The idea that beta-carotene might promote rather than discourage lung cancer, though, caught everyone by surprise.
No one had actually looked medically at what happened to traders when they were caught up in a bubble.
But some of it--quite a lot of it, actually--gets caught up in that vast swath of dust in between.
We're seeing this vast smash-up caught in the act, a galactic collision already in progress.
They netted diverse fish, captured them in weirs, and caught them on fishhooks carved from deer antlers.
Luckily, a well-prepared individual caught proof of alien life on film, and it is remarkably clear.

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