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Some cattle are given growth hormones, some are fed the rendered protein of other animals.
The workers shock the animals with cattle prods to keep them in line.
On their return they beat the cattle with the sticks, believing that this would make the animals fat or fruitful.
For several years, the cattle industry has used embryo-transfer techniques to enhance breeding.
Rare-breed advocates say the best way to preserve vulnerable cattle is to keep them in the food chain, producing milk or meat.
We stand in warm rain on a dirt road and contemplate a cattle pasture.
What it got instead were sprawling subdivisions of cattle.
The announcement highlights growing concern over the global impact of greenhouse gases produced by cattle and other livestock.
It also allows pigs and chickens, fed on rendered cattle products, to be rendered and fed back to beef cattle.
But the process of producing fertilizer from the cattle manure keeps the phosphates out of the groundwater.
My interview was held at another hotel and resembled a cattle call.
But barbed wire caught on, as it were, because it was more effective and less expensive than other cattle fences.
Other mosquitoes prefer different species-say, cattle or birds.
If ranchers want to move their cattle into subsidized grazing area they are asking for trouble.
Professors are not cattle who are raised and then owned by universities and, after all, it's a free country.
Nor would insurance cover losses from cattle raiding.
If you are rich or funded purchase a large crystal bowl and a cow or cattle magnet.
It is chiefly known for cattle and sheep ranching, and for growing sugar beets, alfalfa and feed corn.
The script came largely out of the improvised quips of the cowboys, replacing cattle with cats.
Typical for a government agency, all hat and no cattle.
Then they repurposed a cattle trough, filling it with water and placing it in a clay-lined hole.
The field was all brambles, and the cattle struggled.
What they failed to mention is the antibiotics that are being fed to cattle and end up in us.
The resemblance to a cattle slaughterhouse was remarkable.
Ranchers are staring at dry water holes and desiccated pasture, forcing them either to sell cattle or buy feed.
But wolves are still wolves, killing cattle and elk.
Cattle were tested, but their feed and meat were not.
Most people's cattle and goats died last year, so they have no way of coping if the rains fail again.
In the future it will simply be people that are rich and the rest of us cattle in the cattle car providing services to them.
Farmers are struggling to produce crops, and ranchers are worried about watering their cattle.
In fact, it is used to control the consumption of cattle feed in feed lots.
He also disposes of dead buffaloes, cattle and goats.
Insect farming is arguably much more efficient than cattle production.
Higher grain costs, for example, feed through into cattle prices.
Struggling farmers are making ends meet by selling poorly fed cattle at a loss.
It's a cattle call when they herd half a dozen of you into a hotel room and interview you all at once.
The calm water and verdant land are balanced by the children, the cabin and the cattle grazing.
Fully half the horses and cattle, as well as three-quarters of the sheep died.
At night, the only sounds came from the bells of roaming cattle and the branches scratching the roof.
University studies have demonstrated that good cattle nutrition and management can substantially reduce such emissions.
The rangelands around my home never greened up and neighboring ranchers sold off much of their cattle herds.
Cattle reaching for eucalyptus leaves stood beside the road.
They prefer milk from heirloom cattle varieties that contain different proteins.
If they can demonize cattle ranches for releasing methane green house emissions, they can demonize natural gas.
Instead, as you say, this corn was sold as cattle feed.
And while the world cattle population has doubled since the turn of the century, it hasn't grown at all in the past eight years.
They knew how to live in coniferous forests, ie they were cattle farmers in the summer and lumberjacks in the winter.
The thatch of the byres will serve their fires when all the cattle are slain.
The luckier ones survived to become modestly prosperous cattle ranchers.
They were cattle ranchers who were trying to hedge their exposure to the price of livestock.
Before buying beef, think about the immense cost of energy used to raise cattle and to transport meat to your supermarket shelf.
Foot-and-mouth disease is a severe, highly communicable viral disease of cattle and swine.
En route, the cattle drivers are ambushed by banditos.
Cattle and hog producers also struggled with low prices, caused by overproduction.
He fed leftover potato scraps to cattle that he kept on his vast ranches and huge feedlots.
His father was a cattle farmer and rancher who also ran a gravel-hauling company.
But the bean harvests have failed recently, and cattle have come down with strange illnesses.
As for methane, if you eliminate cattle, you increase deer and elk.
While extensive official records were not kept for many areas, cattle properties kept private records.
Perhaps farming them industrially is somewhat more efficient than say fish farming or cattle.
Humans are not cattle, they still make the choice to breed and part of that choice is to decide not to breed or not right now.
Those who say so must be cattle if they have so much trouble with that idea.
Thornton is hearing anecdotal evidence of farmers switching from cattle to goats, because they're more resilient.
The rumor was they were using cattle prods to repel unwanted visitors.
The foot-and-mouth virus does not infect humans but could devastate herds of cattle, swine, lambs and sheep.
Good swimmers, they also have bigger hooves than cattle and so don't get stuck in the mud.
But when it comes to globalisation the professors have trousers and cattle aplenty.
Herds of cattle came down the drovers' road that crosses it.
Indeed, previous research has shown that fly attacks on horses and cattle reduce their body fat and milk production.
The feud between villagers seemed to be over cattle and herding rights.
The violence is part of a deadly cycle of cattle raids and revenge attacks between some of the country's ethnic groups.
The husbandry of cattle and other domestic livestock in vast herds should be reduced as a wasteful means of providing food.
He had a pukka house, he said, and a herd of cattle.
To many cattle farmers, however, they are a downright menace.
Outside, where cattle usually graze, human bones sometimes come unearthed after heavy rains.
Cattle are used in important ceremonies, and are viewed as an important symbol of wealth for local people.
They are being cleared for cattle grazing and coca plantations.
Sleeping cattle and horses are their usual victims, but they have been known to feed on people as well.
They only had to chase a few sheep and cattle off the running track and temples.
He crowded his cattle onto pasture sprayed with weed killers and fertilizers.
Under his breath, he counts a thin herd of cattle hanging their heads over the weeds.
But you might also unknowingly be getting genetically modified cattle feed.
Those cattle they round up have become politically incorrect: for many, meat is an obscene cuisine.
Near the scattered bones enraged cattle owners always found the tracks of a huge, two-toed paw.
It attributes all deforestation from ranching to cattle, rather than logging or development.
Another day's hike leads to a cattle ranch set in a lush green valley.

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