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Different materials for the anode and cathode, of course, affect this back-and-forth movement.
Pop artists borrowed images from the cathode-ray bank of imagery, which generously made interest-free loans.
The bad news is that this highly efficient system requires an expensive, platinum-based cathode.
When the zinc oxidized, it reacted with a cathode and the copper was reduced.
For one thing, his display lags behind the best two-dimensional cathode-ray tubes in its ability to resolve fine detail.
In this type of cathode, electrons are emitted after they tunnel through a potential barrier.
When such a battery is charged, lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode.
At the cathode, oxygen molecules combine with electrons and hydrogen ions to form water.
Right now, lithium ion batteries use cobalt instead of iron in the cathode.
Laptop cold-cathode backlights operate at hundreds or even thousands of volts.
Wetted cathodes allow for decreased anode-cathode distances accompanied by reduced voltages and energy consumption.
He modified a glow discharge using a concave cathode and a small hollow anode.
At the cathode, hydrogen ions combine with electrons from the external circuit to form hydrogen gas.

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