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Example sentences for catfish

Catfish, as seen in nature, are not the prettiest creatures.
Many plantations have given way to catfish farms, but these too are past their glory days.
One is to farm more vegetarian fish such as tilapia and catfish.
Everyone knows about corn meal, white or yellow, used for breading catfish and making corn bread.
Nor did my family eat catfish, because it isn't kosher.
From vampire bats to parasitic catfish, a new book spells out the secret lives of plasma-loving beasts.
The gourds grow heavy on the vine, and the catfish splash merrily in their ponds.
Noodling, or catching catfish with bare hands, has stalwart fans but is illegal in the state.
View a gallery of exclusive pictures of the giant catfish.
Nature hasn't left the catfish declawed, so to speak.
Dams, navigation projects, and habitat destruction also threaten the giant catfish.
Big catfish are rarely considered dangerous to people.
Catfish come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a coveted prize for game fishers or those fishing for food.
Gumbo is served all day, while fried catfish and crawfish etouffee can be spotted on the lunch menu.
No license is required for guests who wish to fish catfish and bluegill from the property's lake.
Summertime can also provide some good catfish action.
Catfish noodling, or hand-fishing, is illegal due to potential harm to fisheries.
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