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These book companies are selling out to the rest of the country by catering to them.
We were planning on catering the event and had no idea of a headcount.
You've reserved the space, maybe requested special media equipment, and perhaps you've arranged for some catering.
Catering to their every whim and desire because they are giving this feedback is a whole other thing.
It's my understanding that many of those meeting ninja tricks involve catering.
His owners are either retired or work in construction, catering, or retail.
Vast network of small, local establishments catering to tourists.
The owners, who operate a popular downtown catering business, seem determined to make vegetables fun.
Nickelodeon recently decided to start catering to adults.
Its catering trucks rise two stories off the ground to reach the galleys.
Some of them make a fortune especially when catering to hotels.
For the providers of this capital, catering to the bottom of the pyramid promised to be good for the soul as well as the wallet.
However, it has also spotted a new opportunity in catering to nomads.
Some service industries, such as cleaning and catering, fear losing up to a fifth of their workers.
In hospitals, private companies provide the catering.
Cancun has plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels catering to tourists.
But an increasing number of airports are catering to traveling tykes.
Filmmakers rely on sequels and count on blockbusters while catering to a dwindling audience.
Health consciousness is expanding to the hotel industry where several properties are now catering to special diets.
Until recently, however, that catering mostly took the form of empty symbolism.
At various times he had holdings in real estate, a travel company, an airline catering company and a diesel parts company.
Within a few weeks, the new catering business was up and running.

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