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Here is a list of six perfectly good options, each of which cater to different audiences but provide good service.
Although many cruise lines cater to families, some provide more activities for children than others.
As a result, this spring has been stronger than ever for many businesses that cater to them.
These stores certainly still exist but the survivors seem more and more to cater to the antiquarian trade.
She roams around town, but often alights at oases that cater to nomads.
Lodging and laboratory facilities cater to researchers.
Some proponents imagine small urban meat labs selling their products at street markets that cater to locavores.
Early laws fixed the price that tavern-keepers could charge for a drink, so they couldn't cater to wealthy patrons.
They also employ career counselors who cater specifically to graduate students.
Unfortunately, these firms rarely cater for retail customers, the supposed beneficiaries of the crusade.
The extensive and fully annotated offerings cater to all ages and levels of interest in the always-fascinating megafauna of old.
He said to stay in business these days every restaurant must cater to tourists.
Business does not cater to people with different working styles: it fires people who can't or won't adapt.
Some businesses are already adjusting their ranges to cater for the grey market.
To cater to incoming visitors, locals have set up great bike and boat rental facilities, including this kayak shop.
But the great thing about good science is that it's amoral, objective and doesn't cater to the court of public opinion.
And so did the harbor businesses as they began to cater to the fishermen.
It seems that both the media and public interest are not programmed to cater for long-term concern over one matter.
Yet if many adults seem to have given up on virtual worlds, those that cater to children and teenagers are thriving.
Many companies have been buying stocks that cater to tobacco and cigarettes.
Mashing is getting easier for these after-hours programmers as big websites start to cater to their needs.
They even went so far as to cater freshly-prepared dinners that arrived each night after the sun set.
Many of them expect you to be their nurturing mommy and cater to their every whim.
But the good times for business travellers may be coming to an end as companies that cater to them adjust to new realities.
Plenty to do in the city itself that will cater to people of all preferences.
Also, you need to really cater to students, totally.
Today the availability of abundant data enables companies to cater to small niche markets anywhere in the world.
Moreover, the growing distance-learning technology should not cater only to older, returning students.
Our system cannot cater to everyone's personal whims.
Those that have prospered embrace fragmentation and cater to the niche.
Dozens of illegal after-hours clubs cater to their early-morning cravings.
There are however some seedier parts and some areas that mainly cater to students, so be careful.
Companies that cater to show-offs have much to boast about.
But these cater only for a sophisticated few who might move their money if the bank restricts their options.
Yet, it will not change because they cater to the prevailing view in academe.
Yet global sourcing is no panacea, because it conflicts with the need to cater to local tastes.
McDonald's has made changes to its menu to cater to local tastes elsewhere in the world.
The monoculture is a human product, to cater to human economic needs.
Meanwhile, some of the fastest-growing sites are those which explicitly cater to their users' ideologies.
But there are so few people on the island who really know how to cater to tourists.
They are already going out of the way to cater to your specific needs and you are complaining about it.
They can also cater to the needs of customers in the region.
Profit-seeking entrepreneurs will cater to their preferences by creating dog-free spaces.
Villagers in coastal areas usually develop their land for fruits, vegetables, and other cash crops that cater to urban needs.
The tourists are coming, as well as restaurants that cater to them, and chefs eager to win stars.
They need to take advantage of existing information and build on it to cater to the specific needs of their users.
The upshot is an edginess rarely found in museums that cater to both children and adults.
The best communicators know to cater to their audiences, and cuttlefish are no different.
Has hundreds of servants that cater to his even need.
Nobody went out of their way to cater to you, and you had to earn what you got.
In the instigating event, a franchise owner or manager chose to cater a partisan event for free.
With discretion and sumptuousness, residences away from home cater to the well-off.
When companies try to cater for older customers, they do not always get it right.
The kindle and the nook have been able to stay afloat mostly because they cater to a completely different demographic: readers.
Silicon producers, whose biggest customers were always chipmakers, have been slow to cater to the solar industry.
The firms that develop these services are privately held and cater to millions of web users.
Local power companies have even started building power plants solely to cater to new smelters.
If it simply prints money to cater for all this, the result will be high inflation.
Other sites cater to sophisticated private investors.
In the city, there are financial and business service firms that cater to clients in other cities and countries.
In the west, where many of the natural resources lie, manufacturers who cater to local markets are doing fine.
Quite a few airports are missing an opportunity to cater to the business traveller this way.
Airports cater to art lovers with intriguing installations.
Ski resorts that cater to families are specifically designed to make obtaining rentals, lift tickets and lessons easy.
All-inclusive resorts cater to a wide range of clientele, from single vacationers to newlyweds to family reunion-goers.
Though many are charming, resorts that cater to families don't always make romance a priority.
The city is home to many different bars and nightclubs, and many cater to singles.
With moderate- to intermediate-level jaunts, itineraries cater to casual nature enthusiasts and more active outdoorsmen.
The hotels in the area cater to business travelers visiting the nearby headquarters of several national corporations.
Biker bars, hidden gems across the country that cater to bikers, are havens after a long ride.
Only licensed, professional caterers are allowed to cater an event.
Each center plans activities that cater to its participants.
Outside the park, many restaurants cater to a range of tastes.
Our storekeepers cater to the shopper's good eye for sophistication and value.
Volunteers cater rice dishes from appetizers to full course meals, and a new queen is crowned to reign over the activities.
Our parks, forests, and wilderness areas offer experiences that cater to every ability level from beginner to expert.
Please take a look to see what is currently available or contact our staff to cater a program to meet your student's needs.
Cater your own event or invite a caterer of your choice.
Family-oriented seminars appeal to those with children while other sessions cater to the interests of primarily adult audiences.
Our parks, forests and wilderness areas offer experiences that cater to every ability level from beginner to expert.
Camps cater to diverse learners and always include arts, physical movement and multi-sensory exploration.
Gourmet shops that cater to canines are forming in packs all over the city.
Small hotels cater to tourists anxious to see the winged insects, and guides eagerly offer their services.
And there are a lot of restaurants that cater to families.
So hoteliers are creating special positions to cater to those rising demands.

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