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Elephants, he added, categorize each group of people differently.
Collect and categorize things, and use them to practice counting.
In the olden days, librarians were expected to use intuition to categorize books.
In my world the easiest way to categorize people is by headroom needs.
The terms nerd and geek were convenient shorthand used by other cliques to categorize us.
It would be much more efficient to be able to categorize contacts during the process of importing them.
Find a better way to categorize them, such as using subheadings to organize the information.
Everyone who opposes you is not automatically something you can categorize.
And to the extent that you consider slight preferences to be useful and valid, you can categorize yourself.
Scientists want to categorize these songs to try to understand what the animals are saying.
Climatologists therefore categorize water vapor as a feedback rather than a forcing factor.
People throughout history have sought to categorize themselves and each other.
Wild canine populations challenge us to let go of our obsessive need to categorize.
He wrote software to categorize the e-mails as journal entries.
There are a number of ways to categorize or describe hypertension.
Categorize street signs by shape, color and purpose.
Review the campsites you have found and categorize these listings into three categories.
These terms help you categorize it, help you understand it and put it in context.
Insurance companies categorize her as high-risk and she pays for it.
Abstract art is all about shapes and sizes you can categorize.
Military experts usually categorize bombing in two ways: strategic bombing and tactical bombing.
Students record the foods they eat for an entire day and categorize the foods into food groups.
We wanted the ability to examine and categorize this information in a variety of ways.

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