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Example sentences for catechism

He had fashioned his catechism in the form of a novel which, though slight in bulk, is of a fine and satisfying workmanship.
At the same time a whole catechism of thought crime has been deployed to stop real discussion.
Pearl as a narrator, catechism as a form of dialogue and the placing of hands on breasts as a means of defining relationships.
There is neither an encyclical nor a catechism that spells out a political strategy for achieving legislative goals.
To write with an agenda, the writer reflects only the writer and relentlessly shows only that, and is as boring as a catechism.
At five years of age he recited every day on his knees the chief parts of the catechism.

Famous quotes containing the word catechism

Inscrutable His ways are, and immune To catechism by a mind too strewn With petty cares to slightly underst... more
When I was young ... there never was any question about right and wrong. We knew our catechism, and that wa... more
We can never see Christianity from the catechism:Mfrom the pastures, from a boat in the pond, from amidst t... more
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