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Once, headlines were meant to be clever or catchy or evocative.
That's where the catchy phrase in the ceremony comes from.
True, it's more of a social commentary than a scientific one, but it is catchy.
The music is heart-thumping and as catchy as any latest pop song.
Radio stations blare an impressive repertoire of catchy revolutionary tunes.
Late-comers have to buy their way in when looking for a catchy name for a new online venture.
And its obscenely catchy songs take up permanent residence in the back of your mind.
Catchy as it is, the phrase has a certain dumbness built into it.
Too bad-jingle mail was such a catchy name for an economic concept.
In that one there's catchy music and you have four tendrils instead of two.
Listening to the pretty, catchy tunes makes doing laps around the small levels more bearable.
And in an age when any mistake is possible grist for a public flogging, this was a catchy gotcha.
It builds an exciting catchy, danceable sound around two trombones and percussion.
His songs are not only catchy, but the lyrics are witty and memorable.
Unfortunately, can't really make that into a catchy slogan.
It is not catchy, and nobody pays a blind bit of notice.
However, as one catchy formulation has it, absence of evidence is not the same thing as evidence of absence.
Out of range of a wireless connection may be the only way to be out of people's minds these days, but it is not nearly as catchy.
It's also the perfect opportunity to revamp your iPod with the catchy tunes heard on the runway.
It's catchy, and it gets you singing the right positive message in your head all day.
Some site picked up the story and ran it at face value: new species are a catchy idea, and cancer is always an interesting topic.
These are impossibly catchy videos, worth watching over and again.
Media should definitely have made up a catchy name for this event.
The team does not sound catchy, heaven knows, but it is interesting.
Advertising agencies created catchy slogans and jingles, and celebrities endorsed their favorite brands.
For the largely vegan audience, the catchy line was a crowd pleaser.
But the firm has since folded, and now he sells it directly from his office, without benefit of the catchy phone number.
As with the catchy opening sentence on auto deaths, this turns out to be much less interesting when you examine it.
Mounted wall cabinets may be a catchy element inside your bathroom.
The popular role-playing games have typically featured catchy, eclectic soundtracks filled with beautiful orchestrated melodies.
Come to think of it, college football doesn't need a catchy slogan.
Arrangements beg for further listens by being both beautifully catchy and slightly off-kilter.
Spelling the name of this state out loud is a catchy way to remember it, and a way to make sure you spell it correctly.
Personal messages and catchy music follow the program.
It was an extremely popular campaign with a catchy jingle.
The catchy campaign encourages good hand hygiene by both our patients and our staff.
The song eventually spread to army posts, where its steady rhythm and catchy chorus made it a natural marching song.
Children enjoy listening to bouncy rhythms and reciting catchy rhymes.
Health communication campaigns are more than producing materials, writing press releases, or coming up with catchy messages.
Children of all ages enjoy listening to bouncy rhythms and reciting catchy rhymes.
The suspect's geriatric appearance-and the catchy label given him by local authorities-has drawn national attention to the case.
Their former name was not as catchy or identifiable with the group.
The world loves a catchy headline, especially one that taps into fear.
Instead, they are known for their elaborate campaigns and catchy jingles.
For many attorneys, catchy and effective advertising is of paramount importance to a successful legal career.
Cue some funky animation and catchy songs, and kids not only brush their teeth but dance while doing it.
But for selling ideas--making them definitive and catchy--a number and a catchphrase do wonders.

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Frankly, I adore your catchy slogan, "Adoption, not Abortion," although no one has been able to figure out,... more
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