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Moreover, auto insurance covers catastrophic loss, but not the day-to-day maintenance of the car.
If the rain is heavy, prolonged and falls over larger areas, the presence of trees will not prevent catastrophic floods.
One of the potentially catastrophic consequences of the region's fragile water balance is the effect on political tensions.
But climate change and exotic weeds may exacerbate the risk of catastrophic fires.
And larger birds can cause crippling and catastrophic damage.
Events, and catastrophic ones, may dictate our decisions.
Or your web hosting provider suffers a catastrophic data loss.
The region could be on the brink of another catastrophic war.
But these frozen reservoirs are melting rapidly, and the water they release could cause a catastrophic rise in sea levels.
Tigers and honeybees are two of the many species that are suffering catastrophic decline in our growing world.
His comparison is to biology, where species with little genetic variation are vulnerable to catastrophic epidemics.
It turned out they were known to be potentially catastrophic long before the disastrous launch.
But for such a catastrophic event, even a small probability is worrying.
They survived catastrophic asteroid impacts and outlived the dinosaurs.
Gas content is reduced and what there is can escape more readily w/o building up to catastrophic levels.
The only way to rescue our plug-hungry planet from catastrophic global warming is to embrace nuclear power, and fast.
But catastrophic failure rates are a problem for any college.
They gain much attention from predicting catastrophic climate change.
The volcano had been dormant for centuries and didn't give any warnings of the catastrophic explosion to come.
And no question that a sudden catastrophic release more than outweighs the slow bleed of annual spillage.
Thus, you carry filtered water in a reusable bottle, not environmentally catastrophic bottled water.
If air strikes become the only way of averting a catastrophic loss of western moral authority, they will have to be carried out.
Volcanoes erupted and catastrophic floods carved channels.
Others, however, gain a catastrophic momentum and often claim lives.
Magnolia, a bookmark storage and sharing service, experienced a catastrophic data loss earlier this month.
Instead of risking a catastrophic disengagement, a wise administration would start planning for an orderly one.
Meanwhile, geologic studies increasingly show that catastrophic asteroid and comet hits were not confined to ancient times.
It flows along smoothly and predictably until it turns suddenly into a catastrophic waterfall.
Astronomers are constantly on the lookout for bodies on such a catastrophic trajectory.
They also allow enemies to have a much easier time causing catastrophic damage.
And it runs the risk of catastrophic accidents if it goes wrong.
Some scientists are calling for more study of technological interventions to forestall catastrophic global warming.
But even without a circulation slowdown, warm waters will absorb less oxygen, and the effects could be catastrophic.
Whether it now turns catastrophic is an open question.
Universal single payer catastrophic medical insurance.
The general preference for boys in developing countries has had catastrophic effects.
Insurance exists to reduce the risk of catastrophic events, not small expenses.
The result is certainly catastrophic for his unionist opponents.
His promising career was thus launched, only to be felled by a series of catastrophic strokes four years ago.
In the moment of failure, the outcome seems catastrophic.
Catastrophic care is not being denied except by insurance companies.
For those that get caught, the consequences can be catastrophic.
It said water was being used and polluted at catastrophic rates.
When everyone goes and starts plugging in their cars, their will be a catastrophic meltdown of the power grid.
Given the catastrophic risks involved, engineers need to simulate impacts as realistically as possible.
But for less distinctive destinations the collapse in tourist traffic has been catastrophic.
Its time the government there deals with this potentially catastrophic problem.
By the end of the third week, the situation had become catastrophic.
The point is, the world has now reached multiple catastrophic tipping points.
Historical data on catastrophic events are understandably rare.
The convergence of these factors could have catastrophic results.
Catastrophic flooding is killing people with increasing frequency, and raising the cost of maintaining infrastructure.
Wait until the private sector takes over rocket launches and the space program, we'll have catastrophic failures every few years.
In a small percentage you get damage, and in a smaller percentage you get catastrophic damage.
Ice buildup on engines due to condensation can be catastrophic.
Then there is the question of other, earlier traumas that were considered equally catastrophic in their day.
Prosecution after the fact would be a catastrophic failure.
They, too, tended to oscillate between the comforting and the catastrophic.
Ten possibilities for staving off catastrophic climate change.
Another possibility is that she had a condition that predisposed her to having a more catastrophic event.
Our best minds have gone into financial engineering instead of real engineering, with catastrophic results for both sectors.
Such a development would be catastrophic for the public.
Rice's contribution was to argue that too much time wasted by investigating might be catastrophic.
The power of the little dwarf is so profound and catastrophic that it doesn't matter if you call it a planet or not-it's a killer.
She insisted that catastrophic insurance didn't really count and need not be revealed.
Whoever did take it would surely manage in a way that minimised the risk of catastrophic failure.
From the planet's point of view that would mean a huge, and possibly catastrophic, increase in overall emissions.
Moreover, these costs should be set against the benefits of lessening the risk of crises that would inflict catastrophic losses.
The consequences might not be as catastrophic as some fear.
These were essentially put options, with limited upside and a low but real probability of catastrophic losses.
The economic news is not catastrophic, merely intermittently depressing.
If he ignored the shelling, leaving his supporters to flee or be killed, the loss of prestige would be catastrophic.
Catastrophic losses bigger than that are all the same to them.
Catastrophic failure can therefore probably be avoided.
However, even if this is an awkward time for the currency, it need not be a catastrophic one.
In global warming terms, the implications are nothing short of catastrophic.
Natural disasters range from catastrophic weather events to seismic activity that triggers.
One widely discussed alternative for selectively extended coverage is catastrophic health insurance.
Catastrophic is too strong a word, but it was going to be a big problem.
Catastrophic for the bats, obviously, but possibly for us as well.

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