cataract in a sentence

Example sentences for cataract

One section requires working your way up a waterfall, and another leads behind a cataract.
To make cataract treatment available to more people around the world, a less-invasive, less-expensive technique is needed.
Patients needing operations such as cataract removals no longer have to wait for ages.
Enough money was raised to perform cataract surgery, successfully replace his lenses, and enable breeding to resume.
First, she had cataract surgery that left her vision worse.
Had to trim plastic sleeve with razor knife a bit to get to work with cataract oar.
It sometimes occurs after certain types of eye surgery, such as cataract surgery.
Patients who are planning cataract or other eye surgery should be sure to inform their doctors prior to the surgery.
Even if a cataract does progress, it may be years before it interferes with vision.
If a cataract is not bothersome, then surgery is usually not necessary.

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