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Gordy said he decided to sell the stake in the publishing catalogue in part because he had become disenchanted with the industry.
Make sure you have specific questions that are not easily found in the catalogue or on the web.
Though it runs to seven volumes, the catalogue says nothing about who put the collection together.
That's despite the project's globe-spanning efforts to catalogue every ocean species-even the tiniest.
Researchers have unveiled a catalogue of genes from microbes found in the human gut.
Students at my school are subject to the requirements listed in the catalogue when they matriculated.
The first step is making sure there are no duplicates in the catalogue.
By any standards, this is a dismal catalogue of failure.
We can no more catalogue every celestial body than a biologist can count every beetle.
And the growing catalogue of string theories evokes trouble.
His goal was ambitious but simple: catalogue these genes and sequence the human immune system.
The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue conceived in close collaboration with the artist.
Bidders from around the world can view the art in an online catalogue.
Our univ catalogue has descriptions for what each grade means.
In our time, you couldn't go to a catalogue and buy what you needed.
It's actually in our college catalogue and student handbook.
Two of the pictures here show at her dramatic best, and are even stronger in the flesh than they are in the catalogue.
Peterman, the catalogue retailer known for its quirky merchandise, seemed poised for big things.
Investing in musicians is ultimately about building a back catalogue of hits that provide an ongoing source of revenues.
Catalogue retailers, food manufacturers and drinks suppliers are also fretting.
Other tagging sites have sprung up that let users catalogue book recommendations or restaurant reviews.
It has not been found possible to catalogue these, owing to their number.
No one can adequately reduce these things of the spirit to phrases or to a catalogue of definitions.
And the catalogue is growing at an ever-increasing rate.
The costumes in the article are totally unknown to us and our catalogue of all known surviving artifacts.
The catalogue of diseases targeted for electronic stimulation is evolving as rapidly as the technology.
He faces a devaluation that grows out of our images of society and the way those images catalogue people.
Instead, we've got a varied catalogue of interest-piquing miscellany on our hands.
Another flurry of catalogue searching reveals a more cheering, if complex, truth.
She has written several books about her work, including an illustrated catalogue of the collection.
Which is maybe why he did more songs from that album than any other album from his catalogue during his set.
It's a pictorial catalogue of science fiction starships ships to scale.
There has been one tantalising exception to this catalogue of failure.

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