cataclysm in a sentence

Example sentences for cataclysm

The immediate cause for this cataclysm was the recession.
One is that they formed along with the stars long ago, and somehow survived this cataclysm.
But the idea that you need to invent some convenient cataclysm to restore order seems foolhardy.
It's that once-in-a-lifetime cataclysm you can't possibly prepare for, because you could never predict it would happen.
Occasionally, landmark legislation arises from something less than a social cataclysm.
But it was certainly the setting of a cataclysm that came out of the skies: the arrival of a meteorite.
But that is not the case with the devastating economic cataclysm that lies ahead.

Famous quotes containing the word cataclysm

What was lost in the European cataclysm was not only the Jewish past—the whole life of a civilization—b... more
Well, from what you tell me I should say that it was not only a landslide but a tidal wave and holocaust all rolled into... more
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