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Another casualty of these straitened financial conditions has been the physical plants of community colleges.
Car insurance is three-quarters of the country's property and casualty business.
The only casualty in our group was when one of the crazier horses collided into the back of a pickup truck.
The acclaimed writer's website is a casualty of cost-cutting moves by the digital cooperative press.
In such a fragile region, economic self-confidence may not be the only casualty.
Both will remind us that in war the environment is an inevitable casualty.
Rapid casualty evacuation by helicopter can only do so much.
The first casualty of war is truth, it is often said.
And in those cases where the relationship is failing, the academic's work can be but one collateral casualty of a wider war.
As for the police, the big casualty is the top cops.
Truth has been said to be the first casualty in war.
Campus social life does seem to be a casualty of the work speedup in higher education.
But the effect on public morale of a steady drip of casualty reports, day after day, should not be underestimated.
Another likely casualty is capital spending at home by consumer-goods firms, which may now think they have too much capacity.
The only casualty on their side was a malfunctioning helicopter that the operatives were forced to jettison.
There is no precise casualty figure for that moment.
Other commanders in chief have presided over wars with far higher casualty counts.
But the impression that books are a major casualty of a general depression in the economics of journalism is overstated.
But it's clear that authorities are being disingenuous when they claim that casualty data are worsening.
Reproductive choice has been an obvious casualty of sectarianism.
But the impulse to respond to and engage with a text will hardly be a casualty of the e-reader.
When a group of scientists are so excessively convinced they are right, evidence is often the first casualty.
The first casualty of any war, including the war on drugs, is truth.
The latter seemed to fail almost immediately and the casualty toll looked certain to rise.
The main casualty, say academics, is the quality of education.
The non-profit sector is, indeed, a casualty of the downturn.
The first casualty is the time available for foreign policy.
The major early casualty in the colleges themselves was, however, caused by the failure of the patron.
Ice fishing is casualty of warm winter temperatures.
The days of buying some cold remedies off the shelf in drug stores soon may be gone, a casualty of the methamphetamine epidemic.
Homeowners, apartment owners and renters can buy many different kinds of property and casualty insurance.
He gets a morning report that's on his desk every morning with casualty reports.
Fortunately, no one died in the incident, but the engagement was a casualty.
It may seem cold and inhuman to apply a political calculus to casualty figures.
Let's have only one casualty and preserve what is done so far that was brilliant.
It holds that the first casualty of any major breaking news event is the truth.

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