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The trend to casual styles developed strength as the fall fur shows continued last week.
To a casual observer, a cash shortage is not immediately obvious.
Even the casual visitor can explore this solitude without getting outfitted for a backpack expedition.
At some point, perhaps, these measurements will work their way into a sentence or casual comment.
Spooned around the pie, mashed potatoes offer casual comfort, but they can be piped for a more formal effect.
Instead of the promised casual reception, your job talk will be parsed ferociously.
Any casual conversation shows the state's essential niceness.
They've done this hundreds of times and are casual about protection.
Before trick-or-treaters head into the night, invite parents and kids over for a casual buffet that's perfect for the season.
And although hardcore gamers tend to stick with consoles, the casual gaming industry is booming.
The latest development in traditional decor is an informality in style that invites a casual rather than a formal way of life.
But the casual reader may conclude that teachers in higher education as a group are pretty well-off.
The incorporation of tens of thousands of youthful casual teachers will be a step in the right direction.
These legendary figures have not come for a casual visit.
It is a casual town: jeans, shorts and flip-flops are the norm.
The casual comfort of the two chairs seems to invite relaxation and intimate conversation.
Even casual readers of this blog are probably aware that there's a big fight going on within the military.
Indeed: this casual phrase had far-reaching consequences.
Many theories however are so well supported that in a more casual sense they can be considered true.
As restaurants became more casual and menus as descriptive as cookbooks, dishes were easier to duplicate at home.
Casual observers might equate sustainability with saving money on electric bills or saving the planet.
Federalism offers opportunities for casual experimentation.
Since business or employment attire is not a social choice, try casual wear.
The winding walkway invites exploration of more of this casual low-water landscape.
The people who have done well out of the trend towards casual dining have been the craft potters.
Someone with a cold infects a few casual contacts, who in turn infect others.
As a result, to the casual observer, his life looks a bit of a jumble.
The more casual followers you have, the more the things you say will be disseminated through the ripple effect.
Its affordable, trendy clothes epitomised casual cool.
Burgers are the perfect solution for casual entertaining: easy, quick to cook, and beloved by almost everyone.
If nothing else, at a casual glance, it makes for good marketing and possibly even a usable device.
Serve the condiments on the side for a casual evening party.
The idea is that casual readers of the paper will be able to keep visiting the website, whereas heavy users will be charged.
It's this built-in food supply that makes these types of plants more forgiving of casual care and attention.
The casual containers imposed their own style--clean, cheerful, carefree.
It's more often jeans and sweatshirts than even business casual.
Most casual visitors will swear time has stopped dead, that the only thing growing faster than the wheat is boredom.
Sometimes such regional distinctions are obvious to even casual observers.
My chair is seen in casual slacks a button down shirt.
Casual gamers can jump into battles as easily as the more dedicated adventurers.
However, it does stop the casual attempts to use standard browser features.
The casual reader is left pondering why it has not already been deployed.
While casual cocaine use has declined, heroin consumption has increased.
Even in casual chat, he speaks at the frenetic, unpunctuated pace of a play-by-play sportscaster.
For casual gamers, this rig should be the system of choice.
Vagrant: rare to casual east and west of narrow range.
There was something about the casual way she said it that provoked me to ask for a copy of the police report.
But there's a more casual dimension to the race, too.
Other researchers worry that this casual approach to disclosure could create a backlash against the technology.
Vagrant: casual to the east, particularly in fall and winter.
Formal wood-panel interior and more casual garden terrace.
Position your arrangement at one corner of the table for a more casual look.
Famous people are much more casual about such things.
Some guayaberas are casual, but others can be extremely formal, fit for the workplace or even a wedding.
The rumpled clothes remain: a brown polo sweater, casual pants and sensible leather walking shoes.
Allowing the butler to invite guests at his own discretion is not quite as casual as it sounds.
To a casual observer our system presents no appearance of discord between the different members which compose it.
But the sociologists and the casual visitor have not disappeared.
Following a casual impulse of friendliness he asked her to dance.
He spoke with casual civility, but in an utterly dead voice that contradicted the fanaticism of his face.
Update traditional place settings with a casual, colorful new take.
Frustrated and disheartening chatter has spilled out from panel sessions to dominate casual conversations.
My own hunch is that even babies have some limited grasp of pretense, and you can see this from casual interaction.
On the bright side, watching your soon-to-be former colleagues feign a casual demeanor can be hilarious.
The casual restaurant houses a children's playground, and offers a special kids' menu.
Modern cruise lines are casual and activity oriented, although simple dress codes may apply at night.
Shorts are great for casual lounge moments, time on the beach or relaxing by the pool.
The counter-service restaurant features a casual setting, complete with tiled floors and stool seating next to oversized windows.
The casual restaurant has an indoor dining room with booth and table seating and an outside covered patio dining area.
Dress is business casual, and reservations are recommended.
The casual eatery serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The casual restaurant also offers a number of house-specialty sandwiches, salads and wraps.
The casual eatery also features several house-specialty pies such as taco, meat lovers and chicken carbonara.
Casual indoor or sushi bar dining is also available.
Wear appropriate clothes for your audition, such as workout clothing for dancers or business casual clothes for actors.
When you're traveling with kids, you can find several destinations that serve children's menus and offer a casual atmosphere.
On-site you will find a casual atmosphere, full bar and special happy hour menu.
Mollie's serves an eclectic menu in a casual setting and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The game appears to be more casual than its counterparts.
The area's major casinos also offer a wide array of dining options, including buffets, steakhouses and casual coffee shops.
The ship offers modern, private dining along with casual and buffet-style eateries.
The restaurant provides a casual atmosphere with spacious table seating, red chairs, low lighting and an outdoor patio area.
Tech companies, outside of higher-level or administrative meetings, stay toward the business casual side of the spectrum.
Rising divorce rates and a growth in casual dating were apparent well before the first online matchmaking sites came into being.
His latest book, packed as it is with statistical tables and equations, will appear daunting to the casual reader.
But it should remind lawmakers that people soon make casual use of the powers they are given, whatever the original intention.
First, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and by both casual and hardcore gamers.
Turning up looking too casual or scruffy could cause offence.
There seems to be more tying disperse groups of humanity together than meets the casual observation.
Maybe all the hurdles are enough to thwart the casual bad guys.
Even a casual examination of such a continuum will cause us to realize a couple of things.
It gave us casual gaming beyond flipping cards and sweeping mines.
Hand-drawn look sets it apart visually from other casual games.
What follows is the link to the site, masked to deter the casual observer.
Moreover, to the casual newspaper reader the long-range implications of the trial are not obvious.
Landlubbers can enjoy the broad porches and casual cottage interiors.
For the casual observer it may not seem so, but in many respects, these commissions are the drivers of green.
Many doctors notice them only in the casual, utilitarian way that one might notice a waitress or a bartender.
As for the sport itself, it is actually quite enjoyable for spectators, and more subtle than casual observers might believe.
But the casual browser already inclined to skip the site may be more likely to do so now.
The pair's casual conversations and friendly interactions are a boon to her and part of the reason she continues to hire him.
Casual conversations among colleagues can prove surprisingly fruitful.
For one thing, it's a serious handheld gaming device in the era of the casual smartphone gamer.
Users can type or speak commands in casual sentences, and the software deciphers their intent from the context.
These bloggers tend to use more-sophisticated software than do more-casual bloggers.
It's a terrific choice for an easy family dinner or casual entertaining.
What is eaten where, and how, is not a casual matter here.
Northwest is also a great neighborhood for casual eating.
It was extraordinary-so casual the meeting, so grand the lady.
Many casual observers thought this first vote was on the bill itself, not on cloture.
His modesty is such that, if you get into casual conversation with him, you might mistake him for an itinerant preacher.
Casual illegality was unremarkable and quotidian, a matter of drug use and theft of goods and services, petty things.
There was a new element of design, a new element of casual yet serious food.
They were in casual clothes and had satellite phones but were clearly military.
The casual viewer sees little but per-inquiry spots for gold scams where the adult diaper commercials ought to be.
What began as a casual, curious eavesdropping soon turned into a series of confrontations.
If you are a casual reader of science articles in the newspaper, you are probably more familiar with the optimistic view.
In the end, it was good enough to defeat casual players and give a good game to experts.
At the time, various people were horrified at the casual invocation of this kind of violent rhetoric.
Their positions on the sky are closing as well, so in about three days it'll be over for casual comet watching for a week or so.
Honestly, that makes no difference to the casual observer.
Putting large mammals under is not a casual undertaking, even less so when the animal is critically endangered.
It's not the kind of thing you'd notice on casual inspection.
They aren't casual about it, they never grow out of it, and they don't apologize for it.
Our biggest professional aspiration is to have casual fans.
P incus may have skied this morning, but after a casual lunch of pizza and salad he's ready for more exercise.
Meghan, also a heavy drinker, hasn't perceived any casual relationship between her increased imbibition and frequent illness.
But the dress also had a sort of casual feel to it, because it was jersey.
And the perfect place to continue through from day, in casual clothes, to dancing till the wee hours.
However, every casual student of the medium knows you could make no bigger mistake.
For all of his military training, he can be casual about details.
Consultants who hold seminars explaining the basics of workplace casual are still making a comfortable living.
Casual has become the norm other days and other places, too.
Sweats are in for the fashion cognoscenti, from smart, casual moms to partying celebrities.
If that moment and the meal it represents could be bought and sold, that really would be an amazing fast-casual experience.
But this fall the casual brutality of the schoolyard seems particularly bitter.
He thinks he can learn all about everything from casual conversation instead of from books.
Given all that, the hotel can expect floods of casual sightseers popping in for tea and a few quick photos.
Services that qualify as casual sales are exempt from sales tax.

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