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They faith-heal the sick by clutching the ailing area of the body and praying silently to the heavens, casting out demons.
Pottery, porcelain and the casting cores of bronzes can be dated by the amount of radiation the piece absorbs.
At either cape, look for daredevil windsurfers and fishermen casting off the cliffs.
Wild ducks jet up and down the blue waters in spring and autumn, and fly fishermen wade the riffles, casting leisurely.
Then he'd take the objects to a foundry for casting into a bronze sculpture, using the photos and drawings as guides.
Already it is casting off the domination of party and the serfdom of tradition, and has set its face steadfastly toward the light.
He seemed extremely grumpy, casting off friendly overtures with a crack of his ears.
So too with casting higher education as a for-profit business.
After casting the head in silicone, he tinted the skin.
Then there were only fireflies casting their phosphor light among the tangles.
Rays of sunlight filter through a grated window, casting a honeyed glow on the room's curved, rough-hewn walls and high ceiling.
Haunting the flats, bonefish require precise casting and perfect presentation.
These fishermen were casting nets in hopes of catching dinner, not dollars.
Heavy clouds were casting large areas of shadow on the mountains.
Otherwise, worse than casting your vote poorly, sometimes you're going to cast it in an area you don't want to cast it.
The same vivid red as the light that poured through the red paper parasol over my head, casting the clock with a red glow.
Sunlight illuminates the top of an animal's body, casting its belly in shadow.
The sun rose over the horizon, casting a warm glow over the barge.
One is casting public light on the private behaviour of prominent personalities.
But the peculiar way in which the information came to light is casting doubt on its significance.
The general stayed on as army commander, casting an overbearing shadow.
New casting and manufacturing methods can produce lighter, stronger components.
Indeed, rancour over the casting may be mislabelled.
New casting and manufacturing methods allow lighter, stronger components to be used.
News providers throughout the rich world are urgently casting around for new models.
But complaining is easy, as is casting a protest vote.
The government is casting a beady eye over severance terms and early retirement in the civil service.
There is no shortage of seduction scenes in feature films-especially during casting.
In other words, it sees in the dark, casting even the inkiest night into a palette of greens.
Casting vague opinion, often antiscientific in intent, is inappropriate comment.
Bentonite in large concentrations is sticky, used for drilling muds on oil rigs and also for forming clay molds for metal casting.
We should take full advantage of this, and step one involves casting out types of imagery which constrain rather than enlighten.
These models were developed and then tested by doing something called hind casting.
With that said, let's get a more current calculation of the accuracy of this technology before casting judgment.
So casting it as completely valid scientific fact is not accurate.
He says that that kind of talk is casting a blight on the glory of this country.
The apostles confirmed their doctrine by many miracles, curing the sick, and casting out devils.
With pilot pickups almost completed, the focus shifts to casting them.
He was due for dental surgery, but delayed it until casting was complete.
Both shows are casting replacements for their departing stars.
If you go, check out the casting basins, and the jack-tunneling operation.
Nah, they were casting symbolic votes to express their displeasure over spending and tax cuts.
Casting ballots for millionaires is a cherished quadrennial tradition.
This, after all, is the first time in perhaps six decades they'll be casting ballots in truly meaningful elections.
Then the firm discovered that our casting process was perfect for making the concave blades used in the hot end of a jet engine.
There are pros and cons to this approach, but that is the decisive political virtue of casting the target this way.
But to bygone generations, casting one's ballot publicly seemed the obvious approach.
There's the standard one of cross-casting characters from one novel to the next.
He could stay in the fort, the red blanket casting a red light on everything inside.
There are a surprising number of echoes-in casting, in plot lines, in certain shots-of past work by the same people.
He was calling for reinforcements, not casting aspersions.
One solution may lie with her casting, which favors a forthright briskness over the cute.
While the odds may not be in favor of these actors in the arena, they certainly were in the casting room.
Or even killing for, should a drastic casting change be required.
There were endless complaints about cost and arguments over casting, and the films were sometimes recut against his wishes.
There is a sense of central casting about the people in the courtroom.
Today their mummies are casting light on the murky times in which they lived.
Casting geology into computing, that's roughly the equivalent of mistaking a keyboard for a mouse.
Thus in a few weeks ragweed plants produce billions of pollen grains, casting them to the winds and to runny noses.
In others, the chemical has a darker influence, casting mum as a less caring and more distant parent.
Casting aspersions is one thing but it's really not much if there's no alternate scenario that fits the available evidence.
Casting animal researchers as deranged tortures of animals is a wild distortion of the truth.
The egg's contents are emptied through a hole and a bulb can be inserted instead, casting pretty shadows on walls and ceilings.
The shadow will not be larger than the object casting it.
And casting aspersions makes you seem petty and small while making your target more sympathetic.
Sometimes a particular piece of casting is a good political idea.
He remained in control of the rights and had casting approval for major productions.
Whatever gods gave him this role were casting against type.
Now the haze could be casting a pall on the city's business climate as well.
Particular benefits exist for casting aluminum parts, which can exhibit serious problems due to thermal breakdown.

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