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All units, all the same, except for the units for higher castes.
And throughout history this stratification into castes continues.
Much of the movement consists of unsocialized youths from the lowest castes, brainwashed by elderly ideologues.
Perfect equality was established, and all distinction of castes was abolished.
Each varna in turn contains hundreds of hereditary castes and subcastes with their own pecking orders.
The outlaw-turned-legislator was idolized by the poor as a champion of the lower castes.
Your piece of illiterate land of castes is not really one that should brag.
Traditionally marriages took place only within castes, and there was little social or economic mobility.
It would do little or nothing for neglected castes and tribes.
They have different castes, but they all look much the same and their castes are far less strictly segregated.
Social acceptance of caste-based discrimination often validated human rights violations against persons belonging to lower castes.
Many authorities refer to them as occupational castes.

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