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The spirit of teaching and school administration may help to prevent the formation of social caste.
Eusociality is an extremely complex caste system animals developed in order to help their species survive.
Unfortunately for some groups in this country that caste system still exists and exerts fierce control over them.
The ideal has been education of a ruling caste rather than a selective system of training leaders.
Nor, however, is it sufficient to heap contempt on the rioters as if they are a pariah caste.
There is no homogeneity, but everywhere a rigid spirit of caste.
In his view, the reason that agriculture stuck was that an élite caste had a vested interest in the new system.
These were defense lawyers, a mordant and heroic caste.
Southern-born whites will never work under them, and look down upon all colored or half-caste races.
Having thus ascertained that the family was of equal caste to her own, she sent a message to her father to send the chariot.
It's likely that every single species in the vast group has the hidden ability to make this special caste.
Therefore they employ a half-caste native to guide them to a more healthful section of the island.
However, more than names its a question of giving respect to all irrespective of colour, caste or creed.
There's a definite caste system, and it is disgusting.
It was enough that they were with other members of their high caste, and that the burden of parenting had disappeared for a while.
Americans, they reminded one another, care only about preserving the privileges of the ruling caste.
Years later he was still peppering his speech with officer-caste slang.
Only if you want to see the effective caste system perpetuate itself.
Even in the countryside, where caste prejudice is still virulent, there is surprising change.
Democracy has adapted itself well to the ineffable complexities of the caste system.
They are one of several marginalised ethnic or caste groups for whom a block of seats has been reserved.
The country may have ousted its monarchy, but it treats its elite as a caste with special privileges.
Another is that public-sector pay and benefits have shot ahead as a cosseted caste extends its privileges.
Her high caste meant she could not even speak to the shoemaker or hairdresser.
He ignored distinctions of race or caste, and was happy to eat rice from an aluminium plate in the house of an untouchable.
The state is scarred by poor infrastructure, government corruption, crime and inter-caste violence.

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