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Example sentences for casino

Scientists set up an avian casino in which pigeons could place their bets on one of two symbols.
And you don't even have to leave the casino property to find some great free shows.
Combination beach resort, golf course, and future casino on historic island.
Hendricks drives up to an out-of-use casino that houses some of the tribal government's offices.
Casino surveillance cameras eventually revealed his laundering technique.
Many patriarchs built their fortunes with risky bets: movies, the first casino, manufacturing.
We believe this casino mentality has corrupted the stock markets and exchanges.
Guests receive complimentary breakfast and casino vouchers.
The world's biggest casino company canceled its initial public offering last year, citing market conditions.
The patter of casino dealers is broadcast onto the streets to lure gamblers up doubtful flights of stairs.
Simply working in a casino does not mean dealers must gamble with their health.
The arrival of a riverboat casino helped the city boost revenues.

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I am sure I do not know why the beauty of Monte Carlo should not satisfy more than it does. The bluest of all seas is no... more
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