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Worse still, the pretty plastic casing is prone to cracking.
The vortex is maintained by blades that rotate on the inner casing of the combustor.
The neon sign flashed onto the street, casing the road.
After scouts return from casing possible sites, they dance.
The surface area does keep increasing until the propellant at the base of the grain reaches the casing wall.
Clipped onto a belt or carried in a knapsack, the entire generator is contained within a regular battery casing.
Batteries have a high concentration of metals, which if not disposed of properly can seep into the ground when the casing erodes.
Metal casing feels substantial, but not too weighty.
In the case of a laptop flameout, the chemicals break out of their metal casing.
The culprit: hydrogen, created by the reaction of the fuel casing with steam.
They can detect the electromagnetic field created by an electric current that runs down the original well's casing.
The few surviving fragments of wooden casing are covered with paint and pulling away from the brick walls.
Supply boats attended both rigs, long sections of casing pipe on their decks.
His father placed a portion of the mixture into a tall, cylindrical press and stuffed it into an artificial casing.
Steel casing for cast-in-place piling should be designated by nominal size, not inside diameter.

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