cash bar in a sentence

Example sentences for cash bar

Both boats have a cash bar, and reservations are required for all of the dinner cruises.
Amenities include a cash bar and customized event packages such as champagne, birthday cake, roses and balloons.
The two-hour cruise includes free appetizers and a cash bar.
Other facilities include a cash bar and horse stables.
Dinner cruises include live entertainment and a cash bar.
The lake cruise also offers a picnic lunch, fresh pastries and sweet treats, as well as full cash bar service.
Guests who take a sightseeing tour on one of the two yachts have access to a cash bar and snack vendor.
The evening includes live music, a cash bar and chocolate treats everywhere.
Dinner will be provided and there will be a cash bar.
There can be no cash bar unless a guest day authority has been obtained.
Light appetizers will be served along with a cash bar.
There will be live music, activities, and a cash bar.
Network with peers while enjoying a selection of hearty appetizers and a cash bar.
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