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Traveler's checks provide you with the security of replaceable funds that you use in the same fashion as cash.
The boats have exchange offices with acceptable rates for your leftover cash.
Set out cans and bottles for neighborhood pickup, or exchange them for cash at a recycling center.
And, because governments generally flood disaster areas with money, there's no dearth of cash for new investments.
Cheating would be to get money in a restaurant, put it in your pocket, and never put it in the cash register.
He plans less for profit than for quick return who will buy anything for three cash and sell it for two.
It is true that in the latter case he has only to cut off his coupons and cash them.
They found the boards in the wood-closets fine kindling wood, while the pipes and faucets were as good as cash at the junk shop.
If tramps have nothing else to call their own they have votes, and votes that are for sale cheap for cash.
Every suitor of the nineteenth century spends more than his spare cash on personal adornments.
You'll get the look of a pricey oversize mirror without spending the cash.
It is ethically wrong to cash in on and seek profit from it--period.
But that figure masks the situation facing colleges and other organizations that depend heavily on cash gifts.
But the state's fiscal troubles have nonetheless created a cash crisis for two-year colleges.
Since many of their living expenses are taken care of, they have cash to spare.
Coaches handed out cash and sent text messages telling players how to spin their stories to the police.
It's generally a good idea to keep some cash on hand at all times when traveling by plane.
The second race to the moon has begun-and this time there will be a big cash payout for the winner.
Jay then reached into his own jacket and retrieved the cash, theater tickets and photo.
With five different categories, this half marathon offers great cash prizes to winners.
With its local merchants frantically ringing up their cash registers as hordes of tourists invaded their environs.
Such fluctuations in risk create a demand in corporations for arranging cash for the future.
While the demands on governments multiply, their cash does not.
Companies are currently sitting on piles of cash because they are wondering how strong economic growth will be.
Scientists spend too much time raising cash instead of doing experiments.
No account number ties the transaction to an individual, as it does when he transfers cash from bank checking to savings.
They can make it harder to access drugs, perhaps by never carrying cash with them.
And a turbine that is not running is costing its operator a lot of cash in energy that it is unable to produce.
In a study, people were more likely to stick to weight-loss programs if they were offered cash incentives.
Somewhere near a bank or convention collecting cash or glory.
Officers and agents posing with a large sum of confiscated cash.
Many of these places are desperately poor, and people have few ways of getting hold of cash.
The letter asks them to call a number and cash an enclosed check.
Once, a drug smugglers' plane stuffed with bales of weed and wads of cash crashed in the high country.
There are also other, less organized groups who spar their dogs for bragging rights and quick cash.
Homeowners will have extra cash each month due to lowered electricity bills.
Herders and farmers became desperate as they lost their animals and used up reserves of seeds, food, and cash.
Most of the inhabitants are subsistence farmers, although some grow cash crops.
Agents working undercover to snare offenders can find themselves in dicey situations, particularly with cash stakes so high.
Such countries generally don't allow foreign investment, yet lack the ready cash to increase production capacity on their own.
Cash-strapped museums often rely on private donors to fund the acquisition of expensive pieces.
Those who had cash in mind, on the other hand, were more likely to concentrate on the costs.
The cycle continues, until incomes fall so low that there's no longer cash available to reduce the debt.
Instead, they are generated by software and are stored in an online e-wallet, similar to cash.
Instead of adding up the future gains from interest rates, you discount future cash flows by a discount rate.
If homeowners' salaries don't match their debts, they don't need another loan so much as a cash transfer.
And every once in a while, you'd go home with some extra cash.
Some asked for items as simple as shoes, or cash to repay a loan.
But right now, firms aren't failing to hire because they're strapped for cash.
Instead, they have lots of cash but still aren't hiring.
Cash is far less efficient a payment method than credit.
That's not the kind of cash you find lying around in the cushions of your couch.
Second, she says that all-cash purchases will become a larger part of the market.
Partners could cash out and other employees could more easily be compensated with stock.
The problem is, the guys around the table aren't as keen as they used to be to stake us the cash to stay in.
Remember your number-it sits on top your table in red plastic-to tell the guy at the cash register when he rings you up.
Clearly, with all the leftover cash going to help spread the word about eating and growing good food, the event was a success.
Unfortunately, a recipe that is bringing fame-and cash in the till-can't be patented.
Positive cash flow is better than negative cash flow.
So, if you're loaded with cash, send it to me go take a look at the lot.
If you come across a wayward chunk of moon, don't try to cash in on it.
But instead of trying to cash in, he issued a warning the world would have been wise to have heeded.
She has dug its buildings out of the dust and pried cash from the grip of reluctant benefactors.
But universities have their own weak point, their own vulnerable cash cow: lower-division undergraduate education.
But our earlier advice of seeing these first before plunking down any cash stands.
But you lot carry on sitting in your comfortable houses, fed and warm, panicking about where the extra cash will come from.
They seek out poor, cheap land and buy it with cash, but there's only so much of that to buy.
His cash-strapped country even devoted a series of oceanographic expeditions to the idea.
If the letters were red, they would get a sizeable cash reward but if they were green, the reward would be smaller.
Commercial paper consists of loans businesses make to one another with their temporarily excess cash.
Obviously, that's not possible: nobody will lend at a negative interest rate, since you can always hold cash instead.
Rather than going out and spending, many households and firms were hoarding cash and rebuilding their savings.
He leaves behind a country that is rich in cash and resources, but socially fragmented and intellectually impoverished.
Bellows's affection for his trade is touching these days when so many papers are turning into cash machines.
Since foreign currency is scarce, those with spare cash have started buying gold.
He's not interested in the cash, which he stuffs into a bag under his bed.
Today she has a job, for which she is paid in cash, no questions asked.
What it meant, though, was that people who had previously gotten by on charm and serendipity now needed ready cash.
Shops are a dwelling and their goods and stuffs and counters and cash registers are a form of interior decoration.
Today, compliments from rock idols mean more to the actor than cash.
The easiest way to cheat on one's taxes was to insist on being paid in cash, and fail to provide a receipt for services.
But while schizophrenia may have opened the door, off-label sales opened the cash register.
She settled out of court, handing over the deed in return for her furs and some cash.
To reduce their risk, many funds began to sell their positions and move to cash.
Many people sell their prescription drugs on the street for cash.
They could give them away and still make a mountain of cash.
Then users can make debit or credit transactions of points or even cash, or let devices swap data such as contact info.
In the past, she would often spend half a day traveling to pay bills in cash.
If someone has the resources and facility to pay their bill, they will not be scratching up cash for a phone.
And if the value of those shares rises, they'll cash in.
Even the cash-strapped airline industry has gone ticketless, removing huge labor and overhead costs.
So far, society prefers to absorb the cost of bank robberies rather than move to a cash-free economy.
Tech startup founders who have it all-a great idea, a pile of cash, and enthusiasm to burn-are still missing one thing.
It costs a lot of cash to expand networks to carry video and data.
Another problem is the sheer inefficiency of how the government distributes it's cash.
As cash evaporates it pulls the need to raise up more cash.
Help keep the grants flowing-- more cash in the feeding dish.
Cash-strapped consumers are using pawnshops more for loans.
The economy is weak, and the private sector is still hoarding its cash.
If you're in your deductible period and paying for a test or procedure yourself, get some leverage by paying cash.
In some instances, a cash reserve equal to two monthly mortgage payments.
Treat these items as cash contribute the property and first claim a deduction contributions.

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