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And in both cases, the skin wasn't as nicely colored.
The trick in both cases, was tipping the blocks sideways so that their open spaces become integral to the design.
We pie lovers demand to know why so many family restaurants no longer have cases full of fresh homemade pies.
In heavily infested trees, fallen pupal cases and dead adult weevils may be found around the base of the tree.
Researchers have long wondered how the dynamics of decision-making work in these cases.
Curing almost all malaria cases can be worse than curing none.
In some cases, the canines warn of oncoming attacks.
Spiders can make as many as seven different kinds of silk, with all different purposes-from making egg cases, to hiding.
Scientists connect the drastic decreases in many cases to burgeoning human populations.
Nudibranchs' colorful lives are short, lasting less than a month in some cases, and rarely more than a year.
In the majority of cases, that is because even the surface areas are privately owned.
But the truth is, there aren't many clear cases of plagiarism.
In a majority of those cases, it is ignorance that is often the cause, rather than malice.
The amount of debt generated in both cases was mind-boggling, in the trillions of dollars.
In some cases, there is a fatal flaw: the research results are simply not significant enough to warrant publication.
The apostrophe should be used with a mix of capitals and lower cases.
They are there for a variety of reasons, in many cases not with the goal of attaining a four-year degree.
Despite the banner headlines, the actual nature of these cases receives limited public scrutiny.
He was accused of corruption in several court cases.
In some cases, disputes developed only decades after the award was made-and only with the unfair advantage of hindsight.
Most animals ignore their own reflections or, in the cases of monkeys and birds, perceive themselves as strangers.
None of the proposed cases is especially well supported.
In these cases both predator and prey would have been injured.
In many cases, they say it's actually more humane to euthanize cats, rather than condemn them to a harsh life on the streets.
Use real human bones to solve cases as you identify people from the past and draw your own conclusions about their lives.
Indeed, in cases not involving the country's leaders, there is no dispute about its quality.
The job of lawyers is to win cases with arguments based on these interpretations.
It did not strike it down completely, but said it should be applied only in cases involving bribery or kickbacks.
Procedural snags have held up all high-level corruption cases.
All three cases got this far thanks largely to lobbying by rivals.
Of the cases reported worldwide, mothers are the main abductors when a marriage breaks down.
Few firms dare risk going to court-only two cases against corporations have ever resulted in completed trials.
In both cases there were worries that bringing leaders to book would up-end peace efforts, but these proved unfounded.
Their cases raise questions about the purpose of sleep.
Foremost, it will make executives and managers even more fearful of allowing such cases to ever come to light.
In both these cases the riddle seems to be solved in an entirely different way.
In both cases the sterility is independent of general health, and is often accompanied by excess of size or great luxuriance.
In both cases pleasure results from the removal of inner inhibitions.
If the cases are soft rather than crisp, batter is too thick and must be diluted with milk.
Fill small paper cases with mixture, cover with macaroon dust, and set in a tin mould with tight-fitting cover.
Of course as the war was prolonged the white people, in many cases, often found it difficult to secure food for themselves.
In previous years, such imported cases had petered out due to widespread vaccination but now the disease can spread.
Intent was not listed in all cases and can be subject to reporting error.
After all, suicide is a tragic complication of some cases of depression.
In some respects, the rising proportion of cancer cases is a side effect of success.
In some cases, the researchers told participants that a pain-relieving cream had been applied to their skin.
New study results bolster the controversial hypothesis that certain cases of obesity are contagious.
The vast majority of patients are isolated cases with no known family history of the disease.
In many cases these farms are surrounded by properties that will be drilled.
In many cases, he knows the name of the guy who caught the fish he'll be serving on the other side of the planet.
Now's when they roll up the sleeves of their robes and start cranking out opinions in the dozens of cases still unresolved.
In charge of the master plan in both cases, he is designing new edifices for each site.
They look at how cases in which leaders die unexpectedly and accidentally affect economic growth.
Some would argue you built your reputation on not being afraid to pursue white-collar crime cases.
In some cases, spectators rummaged through the leftover ashes searching for grim souvenirs.
In fact, in some cases a handler has used a cell phone or other device to trigger the blast from a distance.
In these and many other cases, authorities quickly abandoned the extreme measures some had imagined were necessary.
The book's action takes place as a gripping series of events that illustrate each of the cases.
In many borderline cases involving financial fraud, the crime ultimately lies in the eye of a beholding jury or judge.
In cold cases the key to solving the crime is often an overlooked clue in the original file.
He tries to avoid getting caught up in the bitter emotions his cases arouse.
The majority of defendants in criminal cases, especially those involving violent crime, have little or no money.
Sometimes the only thing one can turn to in these cases is dark humor.
In other cases, crevice corrosion was responsible for the damage.
In both cases, scientists don't know what might go wrong with the proposed schemes--their scale is unprecedented.
Production has been limited in many cases to specialty chemicals or niche products.
The placement of the mirrors is critical, and in some cases requires bulldozing a large area, which can destroy animal habitats.
Most brain trauma cases don't require the navigation technology, for three reasons.
Cataracts are the single biggest cause of blindness and are responsible for almost half of all cases worldwide.
Doctors can't do much in cases of severe muscle damage.
In some cases, the innovation-making something scarce or expensive common or cheap-will be the manufacturing process itself.
For me is one of the cases where, trying to cover every aspect of the problem, then major security problems happen.
None of those cases involved criminal charges, but many were investigated by police.
In some cases the video was cut off at the point at which the bowler released the ball.
In nearly half those cases, they said they hadn't been aware of their inattentiveness until the scientists asked.
In individuals cases, these effects may seem quirky or even charming but across populations, they can have a global power.
In some cases, hundreds of astrocytes may flare up at once, and the flares can last as long as several seconds.
The culprit in nearly all cases of syncope is an interruption in blood flow to the brain.
And in both cases, the manipulation worked-although by different means.
In both cases, the researchers carved out a hiding place in a crystal of the mineral calcite.
Of course, there are certain cases where severe obesity is the cause of rare genetic diseases.
Experimental treatments were performed throughout the mid-century, sometimes in high profile cases.
Ankle swelling could be a sign of heart failure, but mild cases do not usually cause pain.
The logic in both cases was clear, crisp, and plausible.
Indeed, there are cases where the science justifies the outcry.
In these cases, mood creates poor conditions for moral behavior towards friends, let alone acquaintances or general strangers.
Physicians should be reserved for difficult cases with worse prognoses.
These different antidepressants do things that, in some cases, are incompatible.
And even in cases where the adult birds had left the nests, the fledgling crows would still scold the dangerous humans.
In such emotionally weighted cases the partisans tend to get bogged down in details.
Most were arrested on technical immigration charges, and many were held long after their immigration cases were fully resolved.
It is of course possible that in some cases criminal advantage had been taken of the misery of these people.
And in one or another cases, one of those may be more important than others of them.
In many cases they were taken over by newly formed public corporations at public expense.
In several other cases, the police had to be called.
There have been cases when the inmate had to have extra restraints.
But his past record gives little cause for optimism that any of these cases will be solved.
These writers are included in some cases for their representative themes rather than their style.
In some cases, the evidence suggests that government and military groups are executing the attacks themselves.
In both cases the explanation was legalistic: narrowly true, but generally false.
And, in some cases, these wines are astonishingly affordable.
People were without shelter, and there were some hypothermia cases.
Below is a summary chart of recently prosecuted computer cases.
The following cases are not available through this search tool.
In general, criminal cases have the following steps.
Business cases are tools that help federal agencies plan projects, manage costs and perform their missions.

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