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They dread nothing more than a cascade of generic copies and falling prices.
Cascade of gas centrifuges used to produce enriched uranium.
All this points to a possible conclusion: the grief cascade is genetically programmed.
There was a cascade, white and plummeting, beyond the cabin.
Suddenly, there's a brief, violent cascade of errors and misjudgments.
Joe repairs equipment in what's called the cascade-a six-hundred-mile complex of pipes which comprises the enrichment system.
Physicians can already enhance the clotting process with drugs or materials that incorporate molecules in the clotting cascade.
The result is that only cancer cells are vulnerable to the light-activated cascade.
Click here for more information on mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers.
When the body senses damage to a blood vessel, it starts a biochemical chain reaction-called a cascade-to repair the injury.
Cascade impactors were deployed to sample the particulate matter.
Oxygen's job is to catch the electrons at the end of the cascade.
When the receptors grab a hormone, the neurons respond by pumping out proteins that trigger a cascade of reactions.
Certain diseases, for reasons that aren't well understood, can set off the first few steps in the blood-clotting cascade.
But even amid this rigorous cascade of tradition, there is room for change.
They use sulfur in an oxidation cascade to produce energy to function.
These aren't neutrons and don't need to collide with nuclei to cause an ionizing radiation cascade in tissue.
The reaction center, as the receiving end of the cascade, adapts to absorb the lowest-energy available photons.
It's on runaway thermal cascade and there's no way it can be stopped without technology that doesn't exist yet.
We might need to cascade outputs to be of self interactive as secondary network.
Ideally, that protein would start a cascade of genetic instructions, which in turn would prompt a cell to dedifferentiate.
The final product of the coagulation cascade is the blood clot.
The resulting cascade of electrons and holes is easy to detect, showing that light has struck.
Anticoagulants that affect the clotting cascade are.
Small sugar fragments can set off a signal cascade that increases inflammation and scar formation.
Thus, it responds to the resulting cascade of communications failures by creating a series of audible alerts.
Those heavier particles then decay into a cascade of lighter particles that are picked up by building-sized detectors.
The effects cascade through interconnected brain regions involved in movement, with some areas becoming overactive.
Until now it has been unclear exactly how this destructive cascade unfolds.
The remedies being tested actually target the cascade of neurochemical events at the root of addicts' cravings.
The cascade continues until a large region of the brain is buzzing with heightened processing.
Tossing her head back, she let flow an uncharacteristic cascade of laughter.
Biologists define the series of top-down changes as a trophic cascade.
Waterfalls often cascade from the outlet of the upper valley into the drainage below.
Starts hesitantly, quickly erupts into a cascade of down-slurred dry trills.
Most aircraft accidents stem from an unfortunate cascade of events rather than from any single system malfunction.
The body's first response is a surge of energy, the release of a cascade of neurotransmitters called catecholamines.

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