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Carving is done in the kitchen and no food set on the table except ornamental dishes of fruit, candy and nuts.
Lie ten nights awake, carving the fashion of a new doublet.
Bird should be placed on back, with legs at right of platter for carving.
They are carving satyrs' heads in the stone, with a crowd of gaping youngsters looking on in admiring wonder.
Many citizens secured places of safety for their families by carving out rooms in these embankments.
There was an old door in this playground, on which the boys had a custom of carving their names.
If you want to make serious cuts, the defense budget is the place to target the carving knife.
But carving out time for writing is essential to production.
Small, thin-skinned varieties are generally cultivated for consumption while the carving pumpkins are fairly bland.
But first, there was the matter of carving out a livelihood.
Alongside it on the shaft is a carving of a handshake.
Original was built on taking that feeling of carving up a wave or mountain and putting it on the streets.
It's soft, but not mushy, and you won't be carving any corners.
No one knew, or they weren't telling, who was carving them.
Although there are dozens of varieties, pumpkins fall into two categories: those for carving and those for cooking.
From behind him someone swung a blade towards his skull, carving a down-to-up trajectory through the air.
Rather than trying to bring the world to as many readers as possible, they are carving out niches.
By adapting their innovations for different uses, entrepreneurial companies are carving out new niches of their own.
Since there were no set symbols for words in those days, messages were conveyed by a painting or a carving.
Carving up jobs according to political affiliation or nationality is unlikely to be a way of finding the best candidate.
Now she walked more deliberately, but with a bone-handled carving knife ready in her pocket.
Scads of lawyers and bankers were hired over the past week to work on carving up whatever remains.
The carving of the two scaly dragons on the seal is regarded by some as not being of the finest quality.
Let it rest for a few minutes before carving and serving.
Glaciers slowly grind their way over mountains and plains, moving immense boulders and carving out fjords.
Carving up humanity with a system of psychiatric labeling is rather repugnant in any case.
Somehow matter won out over time, eventually carving a stable enough preponderance to allow life to take root.
The event offers ongoing ice carving demonstrations and shows.
Each ethnic group has its own style of mask making, ceramic arts and wood carving.
Today's a splendid day to hone your carving skills on a few turkeys.
Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands' necks.
Along with carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating, reading spooky stories is a great way to celebrate.
The community also does a good job of carving out the boundaries of what's notable so that the set of stays manageable.
After carving out several fist-sized hunks of ice, she came over to take our order.
The paper is then left to dry and later peeled off the stone face as a mirror image of the original carving.
But he was smart enough to realize that there was another possible route to carving out free time: automation.
Someone of his caliber, though, needs little help in carving their own path.
Transfer to a carving board and loosely cover with foil.
Transfer roast to a carving board and loosely cover.
The writer describes how the islanders went about carving their ceremonial canoes.
At one time he also earned his living carving headstones.
The side-to-side motion, which feels similar to carving your way down a ski slope, is what propels you.
They are designed for carving big turns at high speed.
Fish-decoy carving, duck-decoy carving, fly-tying and small-boat building are among the daily demonstrations.
Pumpkins, directions, tools and carving templates will be provided.
Since then no additional carving has been done, nor is any further work on the memorial planned.
But it also involves carving new paths for arrivals and departures made possible from satellite surveillance.
Before you buy a carving, learning about mediums commonly used can help you authenticate work.
Rustic furniture, material for carving and wood turning, as well as arts and crafts are among the many products.

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