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Antique cars and a party are also part of the festivities.
What this photo doesn't capture is the cacophony of construction machinery, guys yelling, and cars honking.
The dirt road is suitable for cars-but take it slow.
We spend a lot of time considering how cars look from the outside.
He buys it to read in the cars, in his leisure hours at home-in the hotel, at all chance moments.
Usually tried to tackle them head on, often stopped cars with merciful drivers.
The starter presses a hand trigger, and the paddles holding the cars in their ramps slap to the pavement.
As complex as the cars may be, the racing couldn't be simpler.
Hydra has only one town, no real roads, no cars-not even any bikes.
Cars will always give you the right of way and everybody will smile and wave at you.
The sun was down and a chill seeped down the hill as day visitors hurried to their cars.
Often alone, he developed an interest in cars, airplanes and drawing.
But when the dogs get into cars, there's not a seat belt in sight.
Today the evening news reports excited on all the houses, cars, and other flotsam washed away in floods.
Redheaded clowns will have all gotten into their tiny cars and driven away, never to return.
Little by little they disperse, walking down a long causeway to where their cars are parked.
Only a few other cars were on a road that would be clotted with traffic in summer.
Electric cars could cut greenhouse gas emissions if used properly.
Cars and trucks have a small, rugged box of electronics that can reveal how the vehicle was operating before a crash.
US-made electric cars face a maze of export restrictions.
Hardware and software changes to the internal-combustion engine in cars can make it much more fuel-efficient.
They strapped them onto rental cars and took them for a spin.
They have groceries to buy, kids to take care of, and cars to keep running.
But if many students own cars, they can socialize in nightclub districts or other off-campus venues.
They say it's about safety, but it stops us from leafleting cars.
Suppose the number of people driving hybrid cars with excellent gas mileage rose rapidly as a share of the population.
Still, she doesn't have a clue when it comes to cars.
Their top priority is not to draw up coaches' contracts and haggle over how many courtesy cars a coach gets.
Small wonder that makers of electric cars see it as the market of the future.
Ordinarily, people might welcome quieter cars on the roads.
For all their environmental worthiness, electric cars at present have limited range and usefulness.
And phones and cars alike promote freedom, mobility and new lifestyles, with unexpected social consequences.
For one thing, levels of personal debt are far lower and a smaller proportion of cars are bought on credit.
Other firms have projects under way ranging from electric commuter cars to conversions of existing vehicles.
Motor manufacturers are betting heavily on fuel cells as the engines for tomorrow's cleaner cars.
The main aim of innovation would be not to reduce risk but to make cars or flights cheaper.
Most come from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and electricity production.
That's enough oil to keep a million cars going for twelve months.
Hundreds of computer sensors are needed to determine the exact speed necessary for the cars to clear the initial tower.
Visitors usually view the animals from their cars, but they can also sign up for walks in the company of armed rangers.
It isn't only children playing with toy cars who make engine noises.
Other deterrents, such as reflectors and whistles on cars, have not worked.
Mountain-top restaurants and cable cars are starting to shift on their foundations.
Keep an eye out for parked cars and folks with spotting scopes, sure signs that some action is afoot.
The island isn't large-it's crossed by paths, deer and monitor lizards, not roads or cars.
For the truly afflicted among us, cars leave an indelible mark upon our lives.
Hydrogen cars and their promise of a zero-emission, petroleum-free future are no longer the stuff of science fiction.
The self-driving cars we've been promised since the dawn of the auto age are here.
Nowhere are the cars so technologically advanced or success so dependent upon talent, bravery and money.
Concept cars give automotive designers a chance to let their imaginations run wild, often with outlandish results.
Without the rare earths, there would be no iPods and no hybrid cars.
The first attempts at creating flying cars were fairly simple-install an airplane engine and two wings on a regular car.
The system, more than two decades in development, is expected to show up on cars within four years.
If you look around at cars, there's a little homunculus inside each one making it go.
These biogases can be used in cars or to heat homes.
Engineers have been dreaming of robot cars for decades.
We're learning now that not all ethanol is the same and that there may be better uses for corn than fueling cars.
People will try anything to prevent their cars from being towed.
Cars were racing by at a rate of about sixty a minute.
The economic boom and a new highway system had created an an unprecedented market for cars.
Cars explode, jails and hospitals are blown up, bombs are put in people's mouths and sewn into their stomachs.
The abruptness of this departure was never equalled in other cars of the period.
Now, with the emergence of electric cars, lithium could challenge petroleum as the dominant fuel of the future.
The movie turns dolorous and grim-and also spectacular in a conventional way, with cars and buses flung across open spaces.
The film revolves around cars, yet there are practically no cars.
There are also three metal cars from the thirties, for the little kids to sit in.
That's why older people lose their cars in parking lots.
Hybrids, plug-ins, and extended-range electric cars are hitting the market.
The size of the battery packs greatly influences the price of new electric cars and plug-in hybrids.
Gas-electric cars are transforming the auto industry.
Cars are becoming more computerized, an evolution that could have an unintended side effect: vulnerability to attacks.
The blame for today's still-high levels of automotive pollution les with cars whose emission-control systems lack durability.
As automakers put more communication technology into cars, regulators must decide if it's safe.
Already, some cars can park themselves or brake automatically to avoid accidents.
The company must then pay for trucks to redistribute the cars or scooters throughout the city.
Hybrid cars normally combine conventional engines with battery-powered electric motors.
The range-extending gas engine is meant to address one of the main drawbacks of electric cars-their limited range on a charge.
The maker of luxury vehicles is developing a less expensive line aimed at people more interested in phones than cars.
Because of this, they aren't typically used in cars.
City planners should take overcrowded city streets, which barely move anyway and are unsafe for cyclists, and close them to cars.
What they didn't go into is that their primary interviewee is drowning not on expensive cars loans but student loans.
Closing an auto factory is almost as complicated as building cars.
The troubled company tries to phase out a popular nickname for its cars.
We asked industry experts if battery breakthroughs are necessary for electric cars to be viable.
There are some obvious things: where the entrance should be, where the cars have to go in.
Auto companies use finance arms to make credit available to boost sales of cars and trucks.
And they might also adopt zero-tolerance laws for drunk drivers of all ages, and require ignition interlocks on their cars.
From early morning until late at night pedestrians and cars clog the streets.
The first continued with its usual allotment of patrol cars.
Now their only source of income was from her husband's part-time job parking rental cars.
Charred remains of overturned police trucks and cars were strewn on the sidewalks.
Between four and five o'clock transport is significant: trains, cars, and airplanes.
Traffic is stopped for people to get out of their cars.
Rear-engine cars are fun to drive and even more fun to crash.
In cars, as in laptops, the cause could be a manufacturing defect or an overcharge.
Tonight, for the second time in five days, a movie about talking cars premieres in theaters.
All you need to know is that there are fast cars and explosions.
The second floor is still a garage for cars and trucks.
They had to walk across the paper to get to their cars.
By designing cleaner cars that run on cleaner fuels the result is cleaner air.
We're ensuring that conventional cars become more efficient with historic fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks.
Cars have become more reliable over the years, and yet there are always some models that outlast their peers.
High-end luxury and sports cars stir the imagination, yet few will ever be able to buy them.
Collectors of cars from that period are conspicuously absent.
Automakers spend millions of dollars to create concept cars.

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