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The hawk drifted, riding an updraft, its screeching sound carrying over the thrum of the waves.
The benefits of carrying out the study will far outweigh any risks, of course.
Even as the street fighting raged, some protesters rescued books, carrying them out of the building by the armful.
Indirect costs are legitimate shared or pooled costs that are necessary for carrying out research activities.
At the time of this writing, it appears that the protests have succeeded in averting the carrying out of the sentence.
For now, though, he's carrying on the project by tying the camera to the back of his neck.
And then there's the fact cycling can be tough if you're carrying a lot of weight yourself.
Soft mesh carrying case for headband and spare earbuds.
Lewis was carrying a sum of money in gold coin, which was never found.
He crossed carrying a table and chair, stopping in the middle to try to sit down and prop up his legs.
Suddenly, waiters appeared carrying large silver trays piled with bottles of champagne nestled in ice.
He disappears into a storage room, then emerges minutes later carrying several objects wrapped in white cloth.
The fishermen are carrying out a tradition that is one of the few remaining haul-seine operations in the country.
Often armies are defeated not by brilliant generals, but by disease-carrying insects.
Fasten all buckles and straps to keep them from catching on any other items, and fully zip any carrying bags or storage pouches.
Retailers have also tried to shorten the ordering cycle, so that manufacturers end up carrying more of the risk of managing stock.
But it is not a giant leap to move from carrying cargo to carrying crew.
The cost of putting a cable underground is between four and ten times as much as that of carrying it on a pylon.
Most travel by road or train, carrying their money in cash, and robberies are common.
But the main problem seems to be demand for goods and energy, as lorries carrying coal crawl endlessly towards the city.
People have been arrested at checkpoints for carrying medical supplies.
One of its jobs is to act as a messenger carrying genetic information from a cell's nucleus to the machinery which makes proteins.
Congestion on lines carrying power from north to south raises the risk of blackouts.
Riot police stand guard at many intersections, some of them carrying bayoneted rifles.
Cold water being heavier than hot water sinks to the bottom, carrying grounds with it.
It is she who has the long burden of carrying, bearing and rearing the unwanted children.
On the nineteenth day of the month the people went down to the sea, the priests carrying a shrine which contained a golden casket.
Further afield there are a few hyenas to be seen, who are still carrying on their work hastily.
In other words, a coconut-carrying octopus may be slow, but it's always got somewhere to hide.
For example, bats mostly eat insects and agricultural pests, including disease-carrying mosquitoes.
Such works can take hundreds of hours-the painting but also the carrying in of supplies.
It has a strong preference for shiny objects and will drop whatever it may be carrying in favor of a coin or a spoon.
Padded, breathable fabric on back ensures cool, comfortable carrying.
Scientists had linked the die-offs to the whale population reaching its carrying capacity.
While fighter aircraft patrolled the area, troop-carrying aircraft followed, escorted by bombers.
And carrying on diplomacy with bad actors is simply unavoidable in a neighborhood with few good ones.
All the stuff the water had been carrying along in swifter waters starts to fall to the bottom of the river as sediment.
Particularly in an age of cloud storage, that kind of carrying capacity is more of a novelty than it is a necessity.
Jacobs designs couture garments and runway-ready looks, but also expensive rings for carrying around your loose ice.
As stated earlier, the limiting factor has less to do with population density that it does with carrying capacity.
So much, in fact, that much of the volume of current models is devoted to carrying it.
Light is a wonderful medium for carrying information.
The authors found that the following brain regions contribute to dance in ways that go beyond simply carrying out motion.
Participants traversed a real-world environment, carrying physical objects and setting them down on actual tables.
The arteries branch out at the brain, carrying blood over and through the organ.
The inhabitants apparently left abruptly, without carrying away valuable goods such as pottery or baskets.
Animals carrying diseases could spread them far and wide.
Other discovery: no need to use free weights when you're carrying ten gallons of water back and forth.
Three contestants are in a race to run five hundred metres carrying a bag of rats.
Lots of the protesters were carrying homemade signs conveying their feelings.
There are many tribes who are carrying on the fight.
Some tired-looking peasants are walking down a road at sunset, carrying sheaves of wheat.
She asks him for help in carrying the papers, then suggests that he spend the night so he can get more done.
He was carrying the seven foot snake around his neck.
When you're carrying a camera all day, chances are you'll get a little bit snap-happy and shoot everything, even the floor.
He began to do things that he hadn't done in a long time, from taking the bus by himself to carrying his own money.
After all, the radio waves carrying the time signal must travel at the speed of light, regardless of the satellites' speed.
But getting there and returning home on one tank of gas while carrying a sizable payload is almost impossible.
Part of the challenge in carrying out nuclear transfer in humans has been the short supply of eggs.
Quantum computers in one form or another have been carrying out calculations for more than a decade.
One will be carrying a handheld device about the size of a cell phone and pointing it at something he or she likes.
One other thing not mentioned at all is the load the van will be carrying.
The consumers' perceived benefits of carrying a phone outweigh the obvious problems with the devices.
But they're actually capable of carrying data as well.
It might cool your head, but if it means carrying a backpack of batteries and aluminum fins on your head.
Carrying electricity for fuel in batteries is inefficient anyway.
Every car was a flat car carrying giant wind turbine blades.
We had to divvy up the equipment, so there were people carrying multiple weapons, people carrying extra body armor.
They can shoot people who are shooting at them and they can shoot people who are carrying a weapon or a handheld radio.
For her final six months they had managed her condition, carrying her from bed to wheelchair.
They were carrying broadswords at their waist, signifying that they were trusted to bear arms in the presence of the monarch.
At some point in our culture, carrying a big load lost its plush cushion in viewers' minds.
They aren't carrying oxygen tanks or wearing padded safety helmets.
This, of course, is impossible-the carrying capacity of the planet is finite and will eventually be reached.
He introduces the leprechauns-the midget boxers dressed all in green, carrying pots of gold.
He speaks as if trying to be overheard rather than heard, his low modulations carrying a concise noun-verb punch.
Carrying concealed weapons between automobile and accommodation.
So far none of these water-borne robots seem to be carrying torpedoes.
Electrical elevators would shuttle up and down the cable, carrying people and goods into orbit quickly and inexpensively.
On the surface the military government gives the appearance of carrying on a revolution.
They are carrying with them the ancient inner life of their race.
He came walking along the plank, quiet and pleasant, carrying his gun.
Similar warnings against carrying cellular and smart phones in a closely sewn pocket show up throughout the industry.
Per unit productivity is low, keeping a check on the maximum carrying capacity.
Millions of people are carrying a fat-related virus.
When injected, the three patients were each carrying more than two pounds of tumor.
Our cells are packed with various protein-stuffed sacs, each dedicated to carrying out essential tasks.
Squire dressed their knights lifting the armor or carrying it.
Oxygen-carrying hemoglobin causes blood to appear bright red, while oxygen-depleted hemoglobin turns blood bluish.
Neurons seem to be the brain's workhorse cells, carrying out all the crucial electrical communications.
Proteins can alter other proteins, thereby carrying information.
The major nerve carrying taste signals travels through the middle ear on its way from tongue to brain.
It would be capable of carrying six astronauts for two years, and of traveling either to the moon or into the depths of space.
It isn't caused by law abiding citizens carrying concealed weapons to protect themselves.

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