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Example sentences for carry on

He is able neither to represent the one nor to carry on the tradition of the other.
Sometimes they carry on the pretence of talking gibberish, and behaving as if they had returned from the spirit-world.
Not all state laws ban concealed carry on campus specifically, and some campuses follow suit.
Both of them carry on or listen in to imaginary dialogues with people in their lives.
We will carry on wringing our hands, making half-hearted attempts to alleviate the problem.
What about the ability to outlive a human and to carry on complex research long after a human could.
People would carry on about the evil invasive species and what could be done.
Once the first generation is up and running, they could carry on procreation in the usual manner.
We'll have to carry on improving it at a reasonable rate in order to keep aging permanently at bay.
Once the memory engine starts whirring, it can carry on indefinitely.
The problem comes when people never come back for the next layer of approximation, and carry on thinking the lie is true.
Many indeed have been able to carry on their war research in their familiar peacetime laboratories.
Males both carry on the family line and provide for their parents in old age.
In addition, they may carry on a campaign of education aimed to persuade individuals to adopt rational methods.
Law-abiding citizens can carry on their affairs without anyone snooping on them or telling them what they can and can't do.
It was both eerie and dazzling to see him carry on conversations with them, slipping effortlessly among their voices and his own.
We have found that people who use their names carry on more engaging, respectful conversations.
Factories take time to build, and can carry on cranking out widgets for years.
Reform-minded officials may take this as a green light to carry on quietly privatising other state-run enterprises, albeit slowly.
Or they could carry on fighting indefinitely, to the benefit of no one but lawyers.
To carry on beyond that, however, requires even more exotic thinking.
When these managers go abroad they carry on bribing and undermine good governance in host countries.
To carry on with present practices would indeed be to invite disaster.
There is no guarantee that migration will carry on at record rates.
He decided to carry on and make the movie, despite being required to fall off cliffs and fend off pit-bull attacks.
Experienced and beginning hunters needed to carry on the tradition of hunting and conservation.

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