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Some cultures have long believed the high-flying carrion birds transported the flesh of the dead up to the heavens.
The idea is that a wolverine will be drawn to the fragrant carrion and climb out on the pole.
Crews then trek through remote canyons to check on the sick or dead condor and run tests on it and the carrion it was eating.
It is interesting to see how populations and behavior of carrion-eating species change in response to this new food source.
Ravens, fellow carrion-eating raptors, are big as wild turkeys.
It's not full out creepy but it's not exactly respected: the lurking about hunting for nonferrous carrion.
Many cultures shun dog food: dogs are scavengers and carrion-feeders.
In the past, that meant eating carrion from sheep and pigs, but ranching no longer takes place on the island.
Something had to come along and take advantage of all that carrion.
Eating carrion makes me gag, but that is exactly what meat-eaters do.
They use these keen senses to locate rotting carrion while they are soaring high over land.
They will also eat fish and mammals-including carrion-and easily develop a taste for human foods and garbage.
Urban-living carrion crows have learned to use road traffic for cracking tough nuts.
Carrion flies, attracted to the stench, act as pollinators.
It is unique among our vultures in that it finds carrion by smell as well as by sight.
They rid the environment of carrion, which breed diseases-including anthrax.
The island was once inhabited by bald eagles that fed on fish and carrion but not foxes.
Many carnivores are scavengers, creatures that eat the meat of dead animals, or carrion.
Vultures, wafting in the carrion breeze, cast the only shadows.
One showed carrion crows actively seek to nest near kin.
He that takes a raven for his guide will light on carrion.
Swarms of carrion crows settle on the tops of the trees, and with loud croaks announce the bill of fare of the tempting banquet.
Arrival of these carrion connoisseurs is inexplicably greeted with pancake-and-sausage celebration.
The victims attract flocks of crows feasting on human carrion.
Payne also conducted other experiments, including studies of submerged carrion.
They will also feed on carrion and take an occasional deer fawn, bird, insect or eat fruits.

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