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Pure white flower clusters are carried on stems long enough to cut for bouquets.
It was carried using poles inserted through rings on its sides.
Hardy animals, llamas carried all sorts of loads, from water to building materials.
The scans were carried out when the volunteers were resting and exposed to no external stimuli.
Ask them to notice the specifics of what the pirates were wearing and the accessories they carried.
Some diseases will spread, such as malaria carried by mosquitoes.
Staph bacteria are commonly carried by people on the skin or in their noses.
Bring a plastic container that can be filled with boiling water and carried with you.
Excavation of their quarries is carried out from late spring through early fall.
Seeds could also be carried on floating debris and on the bodies of birds and possibly land animals.
The finished cookies are carried in buckets to markets or sold on the streets.
Hail is formed in storms when raindrops are carried into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere by powerful vertical winds.
Knowing the past means knowing what people carried in their pockets, what they did with their sewage, where their dogs slept.
No one, apart from the few people who plotted and carried out those events, could have anticipated that they were going to happen.
But in this case, the pagers carried by students are small key fobs that house wireless receivers.
Scholarship need not be carried out in splendid isolation.
The question is how this should be carried out as a curriculum and as a practice.
But don't get carried away-people don't want to hear from you too often.
Those reasons wouldn't have carried me through five years of school, though.
Last week the paper carried a couple of long and fascinating obits, a study in contrasts.
To help readers figure out their own likelihood of being incinerated, the paper carried helpful illustrations.
Perhaps the absence of a cohort of public intellectuals meant that he carried that much more weight.
Each student carried a stalk of sugar-cane with some open bolls of cotton fastened to the end of it.
In the first of these cases, the last sheaf is carried joyfully home and honoured as a divine being.
There are some sorts of industry, even of the lowest kind, which can be carried on no where but in a great town.
But the lads who carried the koppie and cannot be known.
Every one of them carried in his hand a thick truncheon of elm.
When the ova are discharged from the ovaries they are carried to the uterine cavity through the uterine tubes.
Plutonium by the way could be carried in a paper bag in your pocket without doing you any harm.
The gas cloud radiating from the source of one burst carried with it the telltale by-products of a supernova explosion.
Some of the females had recently fed and still carried the blood of their previous hosts within their guts.
Beyond this, he carried with him a constant feeling of dread, no matter how well things were going.
The legendary explorers carried destiny on their expedition.
The possible applications of this work are as eclectic as the research being carried on here.
Houses were knocked off their foundations and carried away.
The possibility that the plague could be stopped for good carried sweet promise indeed.
Physically he had survived, but mentally he carried that tortuous ordeal until the day he died.
The skiff, still attached to the ship's plating, was likewise carried around at dizzying speed.
The researchers carried out their study so that other archaeologists will have a guide for when they encounter gnawed bones.
The czar's servants carried the opulent dishes, perfume bottles and other personal items directly to the czar's private chamber.
It may be carried on the boots and gear of humans who poke about in caves.
Its shoots are gathered daily, packed in bags or wrapped in leaves and carried by lorry to noontime markets.
The electrons knocked free at the surface of the cell, however, were not being carried away in this manner.
The cotton industry has carried on travelling: its technology moves easily to wherever labour costs are low.
The day before the sentence was to be carried out, the state issued a stay.
He also carried the state by his second biggest margin anywhere.
Only a few of these vehicles were built, though, and they carried no offensive weapons of their own.
No explosives may be carried on board or stored in the checked luggage compartment of a commercial airplane.
Treating carried interest as capital gains is an unjustifiable tax break that needs to be eliminated.
The older kind sought to regulate how, where, and by whom firearms could be carried.
The portion of the crater within the landing area has an alluvial fan likely formed by water-carried sediments.
Salt circulates, because evaporation up north causes it to sink and be carried south by deep currents.
The signal was carried over transcontinental cable and microwave radio relay.
Of the eighty-nine launches that took place worldwide last year, almost half carried commercial communications satellites.
Often carried by animals, listeria bacteria tend to grow in muddy, moist conditions.
The first ship that came in carried a cargo of anvils.
The hot corn that spills out is carried to the rear of the cramped galley kitchen, where it is mixed with caramel.
There were a certain section of people that really got carried away.
He frequently carried heavy packs on his back and was used to muscle aches, but this pain felt different.
He carried two suitcases, the first one containing clothes and gifts, the second empty.
Two servants carried in a tea trolley and placed it before the newcomer.
The dog turns and looks, waits to be carried up the two steps.
It was a trapped fly, and as he bent forward to get a closer look a spider rushed forth, and carried it screaming to its web.
He demonstrated two types of attacks--one that required physical access to the machine and one that could be carried out remotely.
Clipped onto a belt or carried in a knapsack, the entire generator is contained within a regular battery casing.
The data encoding these words was carried as pulses of light on its journey from my computer to yours.
These guys have carried out a molecular dynamics simulation to study how such a process might work.
Some of the products of metabolism, called volatile organic compounds, are carried in the breath and can serve as biomarkers.
Size allow it to carried in large pocket or medium purse.
The entire loss will be carried by existing power plants with no need for new plants or infrastructure.
We carried out detail studies on the present and future market and the target customers.
Carried in a hip pack is a small electric motor that drives the elbow brace via a set of miniature cables.
But the best strategy for the genes of fathers is not the same as the one that's best for the genes carried by mothers.
Ships were carried up onto the shore and numerous wharves were damaged.
Typically, they describe seeing visions of a bright light and feeling themselves carried down a tunnel toward it.
They were looking for regions in the genome where a beneficial mutation is carried by everyone in a population.
We knew they carried genetic material and that the ends of chromosomes were protected in special ways.
To verify this hypothesis, he and his colleagues carried out a series of experiments on mice.
But even this is not enough-air would slow the spores before they reached a high enough height to get carried away.
The point being made was not that they could be carried out, but that they could be sustained.
His clothing and shoes weighed him down, and the current and wind carried the raft away faster than he could swim.
Because many of them feared for their safety, presenting their testimony was a huge effort carried out at enormous expense.
He claimed to have had it with photography, though he always carried a camera in a nearby satchel.
All this was carried out agreeably with much banter and laughter.
Each beast carried both packs, and their owners alternated hour by hour in the saddle.
Most of these actions were skillfully planned, carried through with the movement's blend of indignation and antic good cheer.
The large triangular-shaped stone is not indigenous to the area but was carried there by a glacier during the ice age.
As the captain who had carried out the operation began describing it, some residents from the neighborhood gathered around.
The standards mandate that all allegations be investigated and all investigations carried out to completion.
Science is a social activity carried out by organisms with a limited central nervous system and severely limited sense organs.

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